For me Izabella and Isabelle part 2

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My pov
They help me up from the maze floor. I sit down by the wall. "Good job, you just killed yourselves. "What?" They say on the same time. "Nobody survive a night in the Maze" I say back. "But while we are here we can explore the maze" I say. "Ok sure" they mummel.

We had almost got to the end of the maze when we met some greivers.
"For goddess sake" I said. "You two stay here" I say to them. "But" "no stay". I fight and fight against the greivers when suddenly I get hit in the stomach by one of the greivers leg. I fly against the maze wall and I hit the wall about 5 meters over the ground. I slide down an rip my the skin on my back open because of the stone wall at my back. I reached the floor an everything turns black. 

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