"I'm sorry. you know they could still be out there though, right?"

I nod into his chest.

"I realized that a while back." I admit.

His chin rests on my head. Darek is the tallest. he's 6'5. He towers over me and I'm 5'10.

Darek is also incredibly gorgeous. He has brown windswept hair with brown eyes. He isn't tall and lanky, he's tall and buff.

Darek is a really good guy. I'm really glad he's one of my best friends. He can always make me feel better.

Half the school thinks we're dating, but we are just best friends.

We cuddle occasionally, sure. But only as friends. Then again, our whole friend group likes to watch scary movies every once and a while and create a giant cuddle puddle.

I let go of his warm embrace and smile up at him. He smiles and gives my back one more rub.

"You alright?" he asks. I nod. "Thank you."

He smiles "Anytime."

We continue our way though the maze, and when we make it to the crazy mirrors, we fall over laughing at our reflection.

I wipe away tears of laughter and examine Darek and I in the mirrors. Once we've both had our fix of laughter, we both exit the house of mirrors.

After we get out; we conveniently run into everybody else and we stick together for the rest of the day.

After a fun ass day full of rides, rip-off games you can never win, free shows featuring a hypnotist, great food, cool stuff to buy at cool different booths, and fun animals to pet, it was time to go home.

I was exhausted by the time we made it back to Darek's car. Ginger and I were practically supporting each other up when we hugged good night.

After saying bye to everybody and thanking them for a great day, I hop in the car with Darek and Jordan.

They both moan as we all sit down. Their feet are probably killing them.

I smirk and let out a giggle that causes them to glare at me.

"You guys could never handle being a girl for one day. Try walking in heels for a whole day." I say with a small smile before slumping over in my own seat.

Who knew something this fun could be so exhausting?

It is only 9:30 on a Friday but we are all too tired to hang out.

Darek turns on the radio and we drive home in.. well, not silence at all.

We are all belting to the song 'Stitches' by Shawn Mendes.

I mock Darek and Jordan for knowing all of the words, of course, and they shoot me evil glances and smile at my voice.

I will admit. if there's one thing I'm confident in, it's my voice.

I smile at them and wave goodbye as they pull up to my house. I grab my stuff and hurry to the front door of our mansion.

I unlock the door and yell to Jason.

"Honey I'm homeeee!" I mock.

Soon I see a familiar pearly white smile.

I was always jealous of Jason's teeth. They have always been straight and perfect.

Mine? well.. thank the lord for braces. Now they're amazing, thanks to my orthodontist. But back then? I'd rather not think about it.

"Glad to see you had a good time" he says extending his arms out for a hug to which I collapse in.

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