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may 24 ; 4:38 am
create new message with; nate💖💦

me; skathan, it's mami

nate💖💦: hey chrissy!

me: hey boo

nate💖💦: what are you doing up so late?

me: i just got home

nate💖💦: from where?!

me: my best friends house

nate💖💦: makes sense
nate💖💦: i cant wait to see you princess

me: me too!!

nate💖💦: who are you kissing in your kik pro pic?!

me: umm...

nate💖💦: you arent dating someone again?
nate💖💦: are you?!

me: im sorry

nate💖💦: why?!
nate💖💦: chrissy!
nate💖💦: were you lying when you said you were at your bestfriends house?
nate💖💦: what do i care we arent together.

me: nate please..
me: dont do this.
me: me and jake got back together..

nate💖💦: you went back to that son of a bitch!!!

me: mhm

nate💖💦: dont text me anymore..
nate💖💦: at least not until you guys arent together anymore.

me: nate dont!


i called nate. it rang twice then went to voicemail. he declined it.

i didnt want to get back together with jake. he forced me to. he abuses me.

i have to tell nate. jake gives me bruises he punched me yesterday in the stomach. he slaps me. im scared one day he is going to end up killing me.

june 3 ; 12:49am

me; nate i have something to confess. its not easy for me.

nate💖💦: whats up chrissy?

me: its jake

nate💖💦: lord jesus christ.
nate💖💦: what did he do now.

me: it's not what he did. its what he does.

nate💖💦: chrissy?

me: he abuses me.

right when i pressed send on the text i started crying.

2 minutes later...
incoming call from;

chrissy - hello?

nate - chrissy.

chrissy - hey handsome.

nate - hey babygirl. why did you get back together with him?

chrissy - i had no choice

nate - do you want me to book an earlier flight?

chrissy - no it's okay.

nate - you sure? cause i will do it now. jack shut up! im on the phone with chrissy!

chrissy - im positive nate.

nate - okay babygirl. i cant wait to see you. im gonna kiss you all over your beautiful face.

at this point i was blushing so hard!

chrissy - cant wait.

nate - neither can i. i will text you later beautiful.

chrissy - okay. bye.

i was really tempted to say i love you. but i didnt.

💖 - so i already planned out what chapter they are gonna meet. but it's a little ways away.

im updating this book so much. you better be grateful!

lots of love!

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