Chapter 1

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I went downstairs to a Dustin eating cereal. Oh yeah. Perfect. I grabbed my Water Bottle that I always keep in my room. I made sure that I had everything to run out the door.

I opened the Water Bottle and dumped the whole thing on him. "Crystal!" he said in a warning tone. I then Ran out the door, to the school that was across the street....literally across the street. I ran in the school through the crowd.

I heard Dustin call my name multiple times. I heard running footsteps get louder. I went to gym and got tackled by Dustin. I started laughing as he tickled me.

"Are you gonna do that again?" he asked tickling me. "N-no! Hahahaha, D-dustin!! Haha!" I heard a warning growl come from the side of us.

Dustin helped me up. "Alpha Connor." Dustin said as he bowed in respesct. "Mine." Connor said as he pulled me towards him.

I then smelled the sweet smell of Chocolates and Peppermint. And they smell came from the Alpha of the Red Bleeder Pack; Connor.

"What were you doing with my mate?" he said passing me up and going to Dustin.

"Whoa whoa whoa, Take one back step from brother, ok?" I said. When somebody messes with me I give them a warning, but when someone messes with my brother, or any of my other family memebers, they're gonna be sleeping...permanently.

"Nobody messes with my brother, Ok? Yeah your mate, but don't step to anybody like that. Mess with my brother again, and your dead." I said.

"Strong and Bold. I like it." he said. I sighed angrily. "Come on, Dustin." I said grabbing his hand. He growled. I flicked him off and walked away.

Well that went well. Hi, I'm Crystal, I'm 16, light skin, athletic, brave, never afraid to fight. Step to me and you'll be in the hospital. And there's my brother, Dustin. He's 17, light skin, romantic, eww, atletic, strong, and the beta of the Red Bleeder Pack.

Oh I forgot to you...we're wolves. So far at this school everyone has a mate. Mines of course, which you just met, is the Alpha of the RB Pack. He cold and cruel. He even punishes his omega just for fun.

An omega is the lowest of the low in a pack. He comes to school everyday with bruises and cuts. Poor Jonathan. And then...there's the Bitch.....Katelyn. She's the "Popular" Girl in school.

The only reason I hate her is because she broke my brother's heart. Did I beat her ass? Hell yeah I did. No one...and I mean no one fucks with my big brother and gets away with it.

I walked into my classroom and sat down in my seat. And here come Mr. Alpha. "Hey Crystal." he said. "Hey Connor." I said pretty Dull. He kissed me cheek and sparks went off in my cheeks. I looked down and blushed.

He lifted my cheek up with his hand. "Don't look down. It's cute when you Blush." he said making me blush harder. "Didn't I tell you to stay away?" I heard a vouce say.

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