Then There were 3 (Sub-Willy)

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Well carrie this is that Chamber A elevator a.possible escape route A note Sacrifice 1 Person to fight the dragon then proceed. Well now what Ill go if shit gets real ill turn into a puddle and drain out (Pushes Out Sub-Willy) Hey WHAT THE FUCK Ill go. Umm willy you haven't fully healed This will be quick ill be back whatch. GRJASSAA hello Mutha Fucka time to die

20 Minutez later Willy WILLY Shit im scared why hasent he come out yet Willy Ahh your a fisky muthafucka back Back BAck BACK AaaaaaAaaaaaaaaa (Willy Floats up and glows Red) S..SHIT HIT THE DECK (Shots a beam as big as 20 full moons) Shit fuck Man. a stay back stay BACKKLKKKKK AHHHHAAAAAAAAAA WILLY IM COMING ON (sets 20 TNT) BOOM Willy No honey(Willy's head falls off)SHIT YOU OK Its alive KILL IT

10 minutes later) Die Alright he is dead Now W(crying) no why did you go Shit man Carrie we gotta go NOW ..


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