Chapter 17

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••Rin's pov••

"What am i going to do? I have to think of a way. I should head to headmaster first." I said to myself biting my nail as i walk back in fort in the same spot. "Yes i should do that maybe he knows what's up?" Running towards his office meeting Zero along the way, "hey Rin where you going in such a hurry?" Zero said running behind me. "Nothing you should be in class." I said continue to running, "what class it's too early for that." "Oh yeah sorry i have to many things in my head that i am not thinking straight." Laugh nervously earning a worried look from Zero. "Rin are you ok you look pale." Grabbing my hand making me stop. A tear escaping my eyes, "Rin what happened this is something new." "It's nothing i need to go to headmaster's office right away and if you want to find out come with me." Pulling my hand away from his grip and brushing the tear away.

"Knock, knock." Zero said knocking on the door, "come in." Said a cheery voice which send shivers down our spine. "Even though I've been coming here for awhile i still can't get used to it." I said before opening the door. "Oh hi guys did you come to see your daddy?" He asked. I nearly puked from that question. "No but we- well i came because we have an emergency it's about Asuna." "What? Asuna is she ok? What happened?" Zero said going over to me shaking me for no reason, slapping his hands away i really wanted to hit his face for shaking me but. "Stop Zero can you not. Headmaster it's about that the thing that i talked about." He eyes widen. "How did it happen? i thought you won't let it happen again?" Slamming his table standing up. "Yeah but I can't do that anymore she is old enough I can't keep controlling her like that." I argued back. "Never mind where is she right now?" "In her room." "Can someone please tell me what's happening?" Butting in the conversation. "Oh i forgot that you were here. It's Asuna she is again in a coma i think." "Wait. what? why? Where? When? How?" Zero said his cool self fading away slowly. "Right." Giving him a weird face. "You are just making things worse you need to get out. You are annoying me." Giving him a stern face. "Sorry i will just shut up and listen." He said a bit hurt by what i said. "Sorry Zero." I sighed getting ashamed by what i said.

"What do we need to do?" Looking at headmaster who was thinking really hard. "First we need to look at her condition. Can we go in the their room or do you just want to bring her here?"
"We should just bring her here."
"Ok I'll get her now you guys think of a plan." Zero said running out the door. "No Zero you should let... Me.... Well his screwed. I still have the barrier up oh well I'll just cancel it now." Clicking my fingers.

••Zero's pov••

Running toward the moon dorm i stood in front of the gate keeper. Showing him my armband thing he just nodded his head and opened the gate." Thank you." Bowing my head in respect. What i still need to be respectful with a handsome face like this but doesn't have manners is just low. I'm just kidding, you know what now is not the time to be joking around. Opening the door to the moon door good thing that they are all in their rooms it will be such a bother if they are still up. Running up the stairs i just used my vampire instinct to find her, but what if there was a guard guarding the door. Oh well. Running to the left side of the hall i ran toward I don't know, looking at the room number. Not for long though i see Ken outside someone door. "Ken which is Asuna's room?" Panting trying to caught my breath from running." This one why?" "I need to bring her to the headmaster's office. Can you let me in?" I said about to open the door but Ken put his arm in the way so that I couldn't go in. "Ken please this is not the time. Let me in or i will use force." Giving Ken a death glare, clinching his hand he moved it out of the way. "Thank you." Opening the door not even bothering to knock. I see Alice with a red dagger which I presume is her blood pointing towards the door ready to attack. "Whoa. Sorry we just barged in here but we came to get Asuna and bring her to headmaster's office." Putting my hands up in the air. "Were you send by Rin?" She said lowering her weapon, "Why do you always think that i am not the same person as i was before. It's me guys Zero Kiryuu." Walking over to Asuna sleeping in her bed looking at her state it's hurts so much to see her like this. Just when i was about to lift her up, Ken grabs my hand out of nowhere. His face say 'don't touch her' i just glared at him but smirk afterwards "sorry but i have to bring her to headmaster's office." Looking at him. "Sorry I don't know what came over me." He said blushing realising what he did. "That's ok." Carrying Asuna like a bride i look over at Ken whose face is full of jealousy, this pained me to see his face like that. Remembering what i did to her the other day hating myself i looked at Ken giving him Asuna. "What?" He ask surprised. "I can't do this you bring her to headmaster's office i will follow behind you." I said, his face relieve but now i am the one getting jealous. "She's heavy anyways." I joked. Alice glared at me.

"What. You should come with us or do you want to stay with Kaito?" I teased turning around to Alice whose blood sword ready. "Ok sorry, I won't say again. So are you coming?" I continue holding the door, "I'm fine i think I'll just stay here and rest there is probably lots of people there already." She smiled. I just bowed my head as a goodbye. "Ready?" Ken ask. "Yeah let's go." I said In replay looking behind I could see Alice go out of their room to Kaito's room. Smiling to myself. "Where are you taking her?" Kaname said in his usual self, we just ignored the question and headed for the door. "I will ask again, where are you taking her?" He continued to ask throwing a dagger at Ken's foot making him stop.

"This does not concern you. Is that what you said to me? Then i will say that to you too. This does not concern you." Going down the stairs passing Kaname. Following behind Ken we continued to go to headmaster's office. Glancing behind me i see Kaname clench his fist in defeat.

••Rin's pov••

"What took you so long?" Standing up from the chair, "sorry." Ken and Zero said putting Asuna on the couch. "Headmaster?" I said looking at him. "Well this is worse then the last time. But she'll be fine." He said holding his chin. "What do you mean worse then before but say she is fine." I said getting angry at headmaster. "I want you guys to go back to your rooms and sleep. Zero you need to go to class. And you Rin you should go and take a rest." He said looking at us. Everyone's face was like WHAT!? "Do as you are told. i want guys to go and leave Asuna to me." He said seriously. "Yeah but what about the ball? Thats like tomorrow." Ken said stepping in the conversation."we will have to have to the ball without Asuna for now. I don't really want that but it has to be continued." He continued now lifting Asuna from the couch. "What are you doing?" Zero asked. "I don't know but you guys get going. Zero class. Rin, Ken moon dorm now." He commanded. We didn't really want to leave Asuna alone but we have to do what headmaster said and we started to go in our part. Me and Ken to our rooms and Zero to class. "Please take care of Asuna." I hear Ken say before we left. "What are we gonna do?" I sighed.

••Headmaster's pov••

What have you gotten yourself into Asuna?

I think i know this language. Where have i seen this. Bringing her to the library that was next to my office i lied her down on the couch. Going to the language section there it is. Lamitian(i know it's stupid but I couldn't come up with something else) A language that was used by the witches in the olden day, "I can't believe someone still used this." Whispering things to myself. Opening to the first page i know that this is going to take me a while to learn.

After reading books about the language, i sighed. "I might need to go to headquarters for this i guess." Looking at Asuna.

••Alice's pov••


"Serves you right. Kaname. You are now forever hated by someone you loved most. Asuna will never love you for the things you have done. Stop forcing your love on to her." I to myself looking at Asuna with a smirk. This is just what i wanted, for you to me hated by the one you loved most.

End of chapter 17

Sorry this chapter is really weirdish. I don't even know. I'm kind of getting confused on what i am doing but next time i will make it clear.

And no Alice will never say that to Asuna.

Alice: "wow guys why would i say that to Asuna. She is like my big sister. I didn't even get to finish my last sentence from chapter 16. She ended it-"

Stranger: "that enough now Alice. *cover her mouth while smirking*


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