The digital clock next to my head shines brightly in the darkness of the room. 9:13 a.m. The blinds are pulled down, blocking all sunlight.

With a yawn, a sit up and pull the covers off my overly-hot body. Somehow, I had managed to fall asleep once I let myself into Harry's apartment at 6 in the morning. Maybe it was just my state of mind calming with the knowledge that Harry was in the same building and could protect me. Maybe it was just because I wasn't alone.

I left a note on his counter which essentially said I had trouble sleeping on my own and felt more comfortable in my bed here. It wasn't entirely a lie when I wrote about how amazing the mattress here was compared to mine. I actually found them even in comfort but only preferred this one because it was near Harry.

I steady myself with the crutches and go forward, moving towards the bathroom. I quickly pick up my toothbrush and toothpaste, which were surprisingly the same ones as the first time I came here, and brush my teeth. I stretch to reach the counter before using the tap, but I manage.

Afterwards, I grab a wash cloth from the closet in the bathroom and head to the shower. I slip out of my pjs and move to the floor before dragging myself into the glass shower. My casted ankle hangs out of the door as I turn on the bottom faucet, allowing the water to flow. I manage to give myself a semi-bath, with a little more water than a sponge bath. Damn my broken ankle.

I pour some shampoo from a travel-sized bottle and rub it into my scalp. My body relaxes as the water runs freely over my head, washing the suds from my hair and the stress from my mind. I repeat with conditioner and turn off the faucet.

Carefully dragging myself out of the shower, I crawl up to the closet again and stretch to grab a towel. I can't seem to reach it, though...

I stretch my arm farther and nearly get it.

Almost there, almost there...


I grab a towel and sit back down on my arse quickly. Unfortunately, the whole pile of towels came down with it, covering me entirely. I sigh, a little bit annoyed, but then giggle at the situation for some reason. I dry myself off with one towel before carefully folding the rest of the pile. Harry's voice travels through the walls as he calls out.

"Aubrey, love, are you okay? You've been in there a while," he yells.

Leave it to me to be the weak one and run to Harry's house in the morning before meeting Martin for moral support. I mean, they had no clue what was actually going down in my life and couldn't provide accurate support, but Harry just being with me made me calmer.

"Yea, I just managed to make a whole pile of towels fall on me. Just folding them, that's all," I call back with a laugh. I hear his hearty chuckle through the bathroom door.

"Can I come in?" He asks politely.

"Not yet. I forgot to get clothes, so actually, do you mind grabbing me a pair of leggings and a t-shirt? Please and thanks, Haz!" I yell.

I hear his footsteps as he moves to my dresser. The sound of the drawers opening echoes.

I wrap myself in the towel as Harry knocks on the door.

"Come in!" I say.

Harry enters and hands me the clothes before turning around. He was very gentlemanly, not bothering to stare at me in the small towel. He could've easily taken advantage of me, but he didn't. He's so kind. He really does have a heart of gold.

"Thank you!" I yell as he closes the door behind him. I quickly change into the clothes before exiting into my bedroom.

"You look nice," Harry tells me. I just got out of the shower, my hair was messy and tangled, there was probably makeup smudged on my face, and he says I look nice?

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