chapter 83

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Akito and Estelle hopped out with their suitcases. "Hello, we're back!" they called.

Leo and Magenta hopped to their owners with smiles and purred, nuzzling against their owners. The Loonatics smiled at the warm embrace and reunion, even Duck did, even though he was annoyed with the twins when they first came into his life.

"We're so glad that you both are here to stay." Duck said with a smile.

"It's good to be back." Akito said with a smile back to him.

"I have never seen such remarkable children," Zadavia said to the twins. "It's a shame your brother and cousin aren't staying with you here."

"Oh, Zadavia, before I forget, is it okay if Patch and Jenny come with us for our next mission?" Estelle asked.

"Patch and Jenny?" Zadavia asked, not knowing who those two were.

"Yeah, Jenny is Vincent's girlfriend and Patch is our family pet who is also a member of the Pound Puppies." Estelle said.

"Pound Puppies?" Duck asked. "What are the Pound Puppies?"

"I've heard all about them," Tech spoke up. "They're specially trained dogs who help out other dogs, usually when they're in a shelter together, those who aren't Pound Puppies to find homes and people who would be specially designated for them."

"Yeah, Dad said that Patch became one when he tried to run away from home after what happened in Puppy School." Estelle helped explain.

"He ran away from home?" Lexi frowned. "Poor guy... He must've been so scared."

"He ran away during his first day at Puppy School and where he met the leader of the Pound Puppies in Shelter 17." Akito explained.

"Why did he run away during Puppy School?" Ace asked.

Akito began to tell them everything that both his dad and the Dalmatian told them.

"Gosh, that sounds awful, I wish we coulda been there..." Ace frowned.

"Yeah, it sounded very unpleasant," Estelle agreed. "He pulled through though and I'm glad they got Patch back on top and sent that evil dog away!"

"I don't get it," Duck spoke up. "If Vendella was Cruella's dog, what was she doing with Ivy?"

"Probably wanted to get revenge on Patch for sending that devil woman to an asylum and grounding her nearly for life." Akito shrugged with his best guess.

"I guess that would make some sense, that girl does sound like she would want revenge." Ace said.

"Anyways, after you both get unpacked, then we can get started." Tech said.

"Started on what?" Estelle asked.

"I thought maybe I could see what you already know so I know what to teach you with tutoring." Tech replied with a smile.

Akito and Estelle smiled, they were very excited about being tutored by Tech instead of their mother for a change, they then went to their rooms to get unpacked.

"Take all the time you need!" Tech called to them.

"Okay, Tech!" The twins called back.

"I really have missed those two." Duck said.

"We've noticed." Lexi said.

"See?" Slam laughed, putting his hand on Duck's shoulder. "You like them..."

"Eh, they're not so bad," Duck folded his arms with a smirk. "They're pretty good sidekicks."

Everyone rolled their eyes to that slightly.

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