Chapter2-"I would like to have a black coffee."

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Alexandra POV

I groggily sat up from my bed trying to forget what happened in that alley but I can't. I really hope that man didn't see my face because if he did ............... I'm dead meat. I still can't grasp what happened yesterday. Hmm... maybe I should go to the police? No. What should happen lest he found me?

Gee. Since yesterday I've been thinking in what I call my 'Shakespeare mode'.

I sigh and got up to get ready for work.


I walked inside the coffee shop and wore my apron. The orders started coming in fast. Jade took her 'break' while I was still working. I went up to her and smacked her on the head. She looks up at me innocently and smiles. I don't smile back. Instead, I glare at her.

"Got it. I'm going back." She mutters before going back to work.

I notice a new customer come inside and he looks a bit familiar but I couldn't understand why.

"Hi sir, what would you like to have? "

"I would like to have a black coffee."

I recognize the voice immediately.

Oh no. It's the man from the night. The one who killed the other guy. But how did he find me so fast. Never mind that. How am I going to get out of this mess?

I looked at him with a shocked expression. He just wore an amused expression.

I'm still staring at him. I did the most ridiculous thing and probably won't hear the end of it from Jade. I screamed -


Then he pulls out something shiny from his pocket and screams, " Calm down everyone!! I'm an FBI agent."

"Come out right now!!!" He was still screaming.

"But I didn't-"

"SHUT UP!!!!"

" Get in the car right now." He said holding a gun to my head.

" Please let me go. I didn't do anything. I promise I won't tell the police about what you did!"

" I'm on a mission, okay!!! I cannot have you jeopardize it just because you were at the wrong place at the wrong time!!!", He said.

" Either I have to kill you or ..."

" Or what?", I was scared.

" Or you just have to come with me until my mission is over" He said.

" Then I can go back??"

" Yeah sure... unless you're already dead."

This guy is all about candy and ice cream.

" Okay we can start with introductions. I know your name is Alexandra. I know you work at Starbucks. About me: firstly, I am a FBI agent, so don't mess with me. Second, my name is classified for most people but this is an exception. My name is Logan."

Hmm... nice name.


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