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I know this isn't that far apart and that it's not much, but my insanity's been acting up, so I've been having a lot of strange story ideas. Well, hope you like it.


I never really suspected it myself.

It didn't make sense.

How could I be only but a figment of imagination?


Allen looked at her, slightly puzzled. "You seem so strange, you know that? It's like sometimes we don't notice that you exist. Not the mean way, but literally. It's like you don't exist until we are reminded of your existence."


My life was a relatively normal one. I hung out in a group with all my friends, kept up with my grades, and had a great passion for art.

Teachers were always decent to me, and within a certain range, people acknowledged me.

But until middle school, I never really noticed a small detail.

Other than the people I interact with the most, I was like air. Just there.

Now, I know what anyone would say: Oh, this is just another book about how a girl feels invisible because she is not popular...yadda yadda yadda.

No. It's not that.

 I have started to feel like I am fading away. From reality. Both literally an mentally.

My friends are suddenly forgetting me.

I suddenly feel like I am in the wrong place.

I feel like a forgotten childhood imaginary friend who is forgotten and lost.

Because that's what I am.


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