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Rain Ann

Fated ??

Rain thought it was weird when she got the strange text message from her mate. She thought he was out of town.

The text was one that followed up later that same day. This one had the hairs on the back of her head standing up, it basically told her that he was cheating on her with Tracey because it named Tracey in the message.

She drove out to this spot that he had sent the first address in the text to go to and found his car and to all her fears, he was not alone inside of it.

She wasn't taking the chance, so she walked up to the car with her phone out, already started the phone to record. She walked quietly and came around to the front of the car and her heart started beating a mile a minute because he was with Tracey and they were of course undressed in the back seat.

She reached in to the driver's side window and released the brake and watched as the car slowing started to roll. She was still taking pictures as the car crossed from the grassy area, over and onto the pavement and rolled to a stop, hitting a tree.

Cars screeched to a stop and all parties got out to see if they were okay. Yes, Tracey was caught still half naked and Griffin, well he was madder than hell because his ass was hanging out of his shorts and the phones came out and she turned around and went back to her car.

She drove home as fast as could be and went to her sister's room. There she used her computer and posted the video on YouTube. Son of a bitch was going to cheat on me, well he will soon learn he pissed off the wrong female.

She named both of them in the video as cheaters will be caught, as Griffin and Tracey have shown you. Everyone in town knows he was Rain's mate, Tracey however doesn't give a shit and Rain hopes she learns the hard way if her mate suddenly appears now and learns she doesn't care about mates.


A week later Rain learned that Tracey did indeed meet her mate just before she had that meet up with Griffin, and she is learning quite hard how her mate feels about it too.

Rain tossed the last of her bags in the trunk of her car and after saying goodbye to her sister, she got in her car and drove from town. To hell with Griffin, she doesn't need him to feel complete and since he hadn't marked or mated her, she is free to leave as she is doing now.

She was in a town six hours away when she pulled over and checked into a hotel. She was feeling quite good and decided she wanted her own night on the town.

She took her shower and then took a taxi to the mall, where she had her hair cut short and sassy then went looking for something to wear.

She found the sweetest looking ensemble and figured why the hell not. She purchased it and after changing into her new clothes, she had her used ones sent back to the hotel and then went back to the salon to have her makeup redone.

The females just adored her new clothes and set to changing her makeup fit to look mysterious. Once she paid, she took a taxi to a club in town that the females recommended.

She paid her taxi fare and walked past the bouncer to head to the back of the line when he stopped her. She turned on a dime and walked towards him and grinned as he looked yummy.

He watched her walk to him, he held his right hand over his heart and motioned with his other to head on in. She blew him a kiss and headed inside where she was taken straight up to the vip room.

Rain always thought she was way too skinny to pull this outfit off, but by the looks she was getting, she looked great she guessed.

She walked straight to the bar and was handed a drink the bartender said was on the house as she was new. Rain took a sip and said cheers Romeo as his name tag indicated. He took his bottle of water and toasted her before he got called away.

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