Opposites Attract - Prologue

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He was the schools bad boy and I was the schools good girl. I got a's and he got girls, he was popular and I was almost invincible. I like to solve quadratic equations and he likes to break girl's hearts. We couldn't be more opposite, two people who would be the last people who you thought would even talk to each other.

Ethan Karpathy, was the most popular guy in the grade. He was the schools bad boy, he didn't care what people thought. He was a player, he enjoyed playing with girls hearts, like it was a game.

Mariah Cruze, was a good girl. Only had a few friends and kept to herself. Always did her homework, never got anything other than an A. Never did the wrong thing.

So what happens when the two are put together as lab partners? Will they become more than friends? Will they hate on each other for the whole year? Will opposites attract?


Authors Note,

hey guys thanks for starting to read opposites attract. i'm really excited for this book, it's really cliche. i'm going to try and update as often as possible. 

in this fanfic, all the in stereo boys are in it.they are around in year 11 cause it works better idk. im going to change alot about them so like birthdays and stuff.

Ethan Karpathy - 17

Mariah Cruze -16

anyways, thanks for reading first chapter will be out soon.

byeee xo


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