Chapter 51- Demon Penguins on The Darkest Day.

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Two long and quiet weeks later-

Back in Idris:

No one spoke about it. Not since that day. No one has seen Taylah since and no one has even tried finding her. But of course that didn't come without a cost.

Two long and LOUD weeks later-

On the Argo II:

Piper, Jason and Leo didn't once move from the ship at above the Seelie Court. And danger lurked at every moment of the day. On the darkest day of the year, Piper called Annabeth using an Iris message that didn't work that good due to the clouds covering the sun and causing everything to be black. But with the help from Iris the goddess of rainbows, it worked.

"Annabeth?!" Piper yelled to the blond girl who was talking to Simon in Idris.

"Piper!" Annabeth turned and smiled at the holo-type screen.

"We need help." Piper quickly said. She explained everything that had gone on since Percy, Jazmyn, Malachi and Raphael went into Edom. From the monsters attacking to Leo having a tantrum to the darkest day.

"Wait. How are you using an iris message if there is no light to form mist?"

"The Goddess." Piper flickered on the light that wasn't on, "could you possibly help? Maybe bring a few of the others."

"Is it that bad?" Annabeth asked.

"It is ba—" a screen from the deck caught her words. "Please. Simon can draw a portal right?"

"Yes." Piper ran out onto the deck. Jason and Leo were fighting these penguin looking monsters but whenever they slashed at them, the bronze blades just went right through them.

"Why the hell aren't they dying?!" Jason shouted.

"They are demons. Not monsters. Bronze don't kill them. And the only way to keep them dead is using a seraph blade. The Blade of the Nephilim." Piper got out the weapons Jazmyn had given her from the draw in the weapons room, "with this!" She threw one to Jason and one to Leo but Leo gave it back.

"I am gonna burn these motherfudgers!" Leo went up in flames and flame balls shot from his palms.

"Nice use of swearing," Jason laughed slicing a demon in half. "Motherfudgers."

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