♡☆ Chaylene Dara ☆♡

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Chaylene Dara


Chay watched as the rain fell outside her bedroom window, her breath fogging up the glass making her wipe it so she could see again. Today was to have been the pack's celebration of her and Dane's joining.

She sighed before moving away from window to grab her bag. She wrote all her goodbye notes and was only waiting until the clock hit 3 am before she would finally leave her home.

She was not joining with her mate today as planned, instead he had a change of heart. He told her by texting her and not in person two days ago. Guess he didn't have the balls to face her like a man.

She left her phone beside the notes so her family could see it for themselves. She sighed once more before wrapping her sweater around her body then grabbed her bag and slipped out the door and away.

She slipped into Drew's car and buckled up as he was giving her a ride to town, the first step in her plan to disappear from her life here on the pack lands.

It took thirty-five minutes to reach the outskirts of town when Drew said, is this really what you want to do Chay? She took a deep breath and said I can't stay here Drew, you know how it goes.

To see the questions in their eyes, wondering what I've done now to make my mate reject me. It's always been that way, something happens and I'm to blame, always.

She wiped her eyes and said I'm done, let the pack find another to blame things on. Dad was starting to get violent and soon I wouldn't put it past him to use that stick he threatens me with to beat me with it instead.

She added, guess they can spend more time pampering Tilly now that I've become such a disappointment in their eyes. The pack won't miss me, mom and dad will just put Tilly's pictures up all over and take all mine down now that I've become a rotten apple in their eyes.

She sighed and said and Eric, well, he's away at college and wasn't coming anyway, he is another that could care less about me.

Drew pulled up to the bus station and turned the motor off before turning to Chaylene and saying this is so wrong, none of this was your fault Chay. He took a deep breath and said I bought you a going away gift, one to remind you of me and I hope you'll accept it.

He added don't open it until you pass the border. I may not be able to physically go with you, but with this gift I hope, in a way I can be. He gave her a big hug after she bought her single ticket and stood in line waiting to board the bus.

He took in her scent and kissed her head before she turned and walked on the bus. Her eyes were full of emotions, sadness was at the top of the list. Drew moved and stood by her seat, placed his hand on the window, leaving his hand print behind.

The bus pulled out as Chay kept her hand over his hand print, took deep calming breaths until she used her tissue to wipe away her tears.

She mind linked him and told him that she would miss him terribly and she hopes with all her heart that he will find his one and only true mate soon. He sighed and said I'll miss you too Chay, don't ever forget me as you will always be in my heart.

As soon as she passed the border, she took one deep breath before renouncing her ties to the pack. Her mind link snapped away in her head and she sucked in her breath as it cut deep as all the ties to her pack and family severed as if they had never been there.

She stuffed the small box Drew had given her deep in her bag for opening later. Right then she felt drowsy and needed to sleep, the bus trip was going to be a long one.


By the time the bus arrived, Chaylene was deeply aware of the dangers she could come to face. She had already run across three different rogues she had sniffed out. They hadn't approached her but got close enough for her to scent them on the wind.

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