Lets Begin

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Jordyns P.O.V


Wow, I should be sleeping, I have a pop quiz tomorrow argh.

"Jordyn!" I hear, from outside my door.

Knock knock.

I stood up and walked up to my door to open it.
It was mom.

"Yes?" I asked, confused.

"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?" She asked me, with her eyebrows crossed.

I stood there, not knowing what to say, I stuttered.
"Um, yeah, just one sec." I told her.

"Jordyn Elizabeth Michaelson, Go to your bed, now!" She yelled.

I jumped, not expecting her to do that.
I walked up to my bed, and crawled over to the left side, beside my window.
Mom tucked me in, and kissed me on my forehead, like always.
And I fell asleep.


"Who's gonna win this game?! LETS GO LIONS!! Who's gonna win this game?! LETS GO LIONS!!"

I groaned, stretching.
My annoying little sister won't stop singing, help, help.
I rolled over to the right and looked at the clock.


I walked over to the closet, deciding what to wear.
I picked a striped black and white wool sweater, and black jeans.
And of course, I got my comfy socks.
I speed-walked to my bathroom and brushed my long blonde hair.
Brushed my teeth, and put my makeup on.

I stood there, for about 3 minutes, looking at my self.

Smiling :)


Emma's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.
So annoying.
Then, put a pillow over my head.
I looked over,


I walked into my bathroom, and stared at myself.
And made a disgusting look.
Ew, I thought.
Well, yeah, I have bedhead, my hair, this and that, and my face, filled with drool.
I didn't care.
I brushed my hair, all tangly.
And after, I went to my closet and picked out a top that had the number #12 on it.
I slowly walked back into my bathroom, and did my makeup, eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara.

I brought my basketball with me to breakfast, and since I was the first one awake.
I had to make breakfast for Mom, Dad, and Jacob, my brother.

What a pitty.


Ashleys P.O.V

Red lipstick is my fave.
*puts it on*

I hear barking noises coming towards me.
"Honey!" I yell, in happiness.

Honey, my cute little yorkie, jumped onto my face and accidentally scratched my chin.
"Honey! Bad dog." I groaned.

Honey whimpered.

"Oh, it's ok, it's not that bad." I say, smiling.
It's sad that i'm the only child in the family.
Its just me and my wonderful parents.

As I walked to the kitchen I danced,

Honey barking behind me.


Alex's P.O.V

I looked at my alarm clock.


I stood up made my bed, and put on some really nice clothes.

A peach/creamy wool sweater, and white shorts.
As I finished, I walked down the stairs.
My twin sister, bumping into me.
"Hey! Watch it!" She would say.
Me and her, were really close back then, but I don't know, what happened.
I frowned at her, making sure she knew I was older by 10 minutes.

My sister, is the type of girl who likes to turn on boys. She wears bright red lipstick and too much makeup. Today, she wore a white crop top that says, "Queen". And you could see her big butt pop out while she wore those tight leggings.
She put her hair in a bun, and had her earphones in.
While me, i'm just simple.

We live out of town, so i'm one of those country girls.
I love horse-back riding! It's one of my fave sports.
It took about 20 minutes to get to the city.



As the three girls walked into the school building, they looked around.
"Where's Alex?" They said, Altogether.
"She lives out of town, remember? Only, a couple more minutes till she gets here." Jordyn replied.
They all nodded.
Suddenly, Alex walked past the door.

"Seconds." Jordyn said.

"Hey, gurl!" They all yelled, hovering around.

Alyssa, Alex's sister, walked passed them.
Sticking her tounge out.
They all stuck their tounge back at her.
And she left, making a really annoyed face.

The air smelt of chocolate creamy brownies.

And while they walked to their lockers, they would sniff and moan.

"Mmmmmm...." They all said.

Alex was the first one to get all her stuff, and she said. "I'm gonna go put my stuff in the classroom, i'll be right back."

As she turned to a corner, and entered a dark, sweet smell of cologne, she realized there was only one guy, sitting in the classroom all by himself.
Alex was deciding whether or not to speak to this guy.
She spoke.
"U-um, are you in the wrong class?" She said.
"Why do you think i'm here?" He replied, not looking at her.
Alex shrugged and was about to leave the classroom.
But something stopped her.
She realized the strange guy, was holding her hand, not letting her leave the dark classroom.
She could feel his hand, so soft and strong, she blushed, Alex slowly looked up at his face, perfect jawline, perfect hair, and glooming beautiful eyes.
They stared for a moment.

Damn, he's so hot.

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