Chapter 4

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Marco's POV:- Cassidy. She is just the same. I feel like this 2 years didn't happen at all. Right in front of me is the love of my life. This is the moment I come clean. I feel guilty for not telling Cassidy everything. She was...still is, my better half. But i was helpless. She was the only untainted thing in my dangerous, dark world. The most innocent and fragile...but yet the strongest of all. And now, I have to tell her everything.

"Cassidy, did you read the letter that you received today???", I questioned. "No", she replied almost immediately in a hard voice, showing no emotion. I started contemplating as to where to began from...she didn't read the letter, atleast she would have been prepared for what I was going to tell her. I came to the conclusion that i would have to start from the very beginning.

"Cass, I am the leader of the Italian mob." I declare, breaking the silence between us. I hear her gasp, mouth agape...eyes wide open. "The day I left you at the chruch, I got a call from my mother saying that my father was attacked in our own house despite having a very strong security system. He was hit by a bullet to his heart. I had to rush to Italy, but when I got there he was already dead. My mother was in hysterics. I never got much involved in the mob business after I met you. But this happened all of a sudden. I was forced to takeover to protect my protect you. The Russian mob was lurking over my family for the past 2 years. I had to leave because if a word would have gotten out about our engagement, they would have harmed you to make me surrender. You are my weakness, Cass. I couldn't just put you in harms way. I kept tabs on you, for the past 2 years. It hurt, it hurt bad seeing my son growing up without a father despite having one and you struggling alone when we should have been together in this."

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