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I knew Carol was dying to ask about the pregnancy test even if she controlled her interest. Alexandru could barely contain himself. He constantly turned to me and asked questions that hinted at pregnancy.

Nicolae pulled over to the first diner we came across. It had only been an hour since we left, but I was starving. I didn't care what I ate.

We all exited the car. I didn't expect Nicolae to show any sort of affection towards me since he usually didn't in public, but he took my hand as we walked inside the busy diner. I couldn't deny that I liked it. I always liked it when he touched me, but it wasn't necessary.

I wondered if we would end up married like he said. I wasn't completely opposed to the idea, but I felt like I should be more hesitant. It was crazy to marry him just because we were having a baby, but I knew that wasn't the real reason I was actually considering it.

The hostess at the front eyed Nicolae as we walked inside. I was used to women looking at him, but that didn't mean I liked it.

"Hi," the blonde girl greeted warmly. "For four?"

"Yes," I answered. My tone was more clipped than I intended, but she shouldn't have looked him up and down.

She grabbed menus and led us back to the main part of the restaurant. As we all sat in our spots at the small table the hostess handed each of us a menu letting her gaze linger on Nicolae just a little too long.

"Let me know if you need anything. Jess will be over in a minute to take your orders," she said.

"Thanks," I shot back.

Carol started to stand. "I'll be right back," she said with a light smile.

I opened my menu, making it a point to ignore Nicolae's gaze. I knew everyone picked up on my tone, but I doubted anyone would say anything about it.

I felt a familiar arm wrap around my shoulders, tugging me a little closer. Nicolae leaned over and kissed my temple.

"I did not peg you as the jealous type," he whispered in my ear.

I shrugged, completely avoiding his eyes. "I'm not jealous."

"Oh, căpșună, you certainly are, but I love you regardless."

I could hear the smugness of his voice. Apparently my small amount of jealousy gave him quite the ego boost.

He placed another light kiss on my temple and picked up his menu. Alexandru tapped his finger on the table, calling my attention to him. I lifted my eyes to meet his anxious gaze. He was clearly asking even if it was silent.

I exhaled roughly and put my menu down. Nicolae glanced over at me confused by my irritation.

Carol sat back down at the table and picked up her menu, but Alexandru held my stare.

"Fine!" I almost shouted. Nicolae's attention shot back to me. "Yes, Alexandru, I'm pregnant."

"He knew?" Nicolae asked.

"Not officially. I made him go get me the tests."

"You should have asked me," Nicolae grumbled. I knew he wasn't mad, but I could see why he would be irritated.

"You weren't in the room."

"Are you excited?" Carol asked. She was holding back her own excitement, but I could see it. Carol loved kids. She watched her sister's kids any time she could. It always made me wonder why she and my father never had any.

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