Missing them or am I insane?

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That feeling like you miss them, but you never met them.

Or even held them.

But can you miss something you never had?

How can I miss them If there not here or never were?


I don't how, I just strongly know how it feels.

It's the same as missing someone you knew for ages and then they, go away.

Same Thing only never met or touched even.

I can almost feel it like they were here.

Am I weird? For feeling like this?

Am I alone?

No, I can't be.

People have to have felt this way.

I'm literally going insane.

I don't want them anymore in my life.

I NEED them here!

I miss him so much and he's never been here or even near me.

I'm going insane.

Maybe I'm not alone.

I don't know anymore.

I just miss him.

I can't let go of him.


I need to even feel like he's here, in order to be okay.

I'm not okay.

I need him.

I need someone who don't know me, or even I exist.

I am insane.

And I know why.

I can't have him and I'm losing my mind.

I'm insane..

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