The Thief

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82 years ago...

I walked down Wizard Way, the main street was busy with spells and magic stores selling their goods. I loved the Wizard Way the presence of magic was calming and everyone was so cheerful and bustling with life. I was with my class and we were headed back to my school Enchantress Empusa's Elementary for Enchantments, I know it's a mouthful but it's what it was called.

We had just come back from our excursion to the castle. The school had thought it important we learnt wizard history as well as human so the castle was an important spot because it was where the truce and friendship of our kinds was signed and formed hundreds of years ago.

We walked in two straight lines in knee length blue dresses, our stockings stark white, shoes polished and hair in braids. The boys walking next to us in similar formation in knee high navy boots that matched their high-cut waist coats, and knotted slim ties, with white shirts tucked into navy breeches. I was happily living in bliss, when I noticed a boy, that's when it all changed.

The boy sat upon the curb, he wore no shoes, patchy trousers that were cut off just below the knees and held up with a length of rope. I put him as maybe eleven. His dirty, shaggy, brown hair hung in front of his eyes obscuring a proper age evaluation and parts of it were braided with coloured pieces of thread. But it didn't matter really he acted so childlike in his movements that my guess was probably correct.

He wore a thin red cloth shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his elastic suspenders hooked over his shoulders. From them hung all manner of trinkets, he sat there looking at them all pining everything in place. I saw a smile spread over his face, he was looking at something he had in his dirt stained hands.

It was a purple pendant on a silver chain; it looked very much like the one I always wore around my neck, my family pendant. My hand unconsciously moved to where the pendant would be, but it wasn't there, that boy had stolen my necklace! Anger blurred my sense of reason and my normally calm façade disappeared as fast as he'd taken my necklace. Quickly I stepped out of line and walked over to him, no one noticed because of my position at the back of the line.

"I don't know how but you've got my necklace, so give it back," I said petulantly. He looked up surprised, I saw his green eyes lock with mine, and I knew he was a wizard because only a person of magic decent can have green eyes. They turn green when they're exposed to magic, I don't know why, but it makes it hard to hide your identity. I knew that this boy could use magic and his eyes were dark green so he was powerful. Being a street rat, I doubted he could use that power or more likely, he didn't even know that he had such power at his disposal.

"That's how you did it!" I hissed, "You used a spell to steal it from me. That's against the rules of magic!" we were meant to use it for good and protect all that was good and kind of this world. My cheeks reddened in anger, he was perverting magic and giving us all a bad name.

"Oh yeah, who's rules. I never heard of any rules." He replied curtly, his voice high and whiney like a child's, "Finders keepers any way stupid."

I rolled my eyes, kids. I guessed he was probably home taught as many of the poorer wizard families had to settle for so over the years the finer points and rules of the art was lost and as a result there was a mass of wizards that were very uneducated and lucky if they knew ten decent spells. This boy was obviously poor so I supposed that was his case with his learning, which I couldn't help but think it was a shame because I could feel such strong magic from him that he'd never learn to use.

"It's not finder's keepers if you steal it!" I pointed out calmly, trying to reason with him.

"Are you going to try and tell me that's a rule as well?" he said raising one eyebrow, "And if it is someone should have told me." He added shrugging, and slipping my necklace into his pocket. His dismissive attitude pushed me over the edge.

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