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A/N: the video above is the single the boys are releasing. :)

Mom was released from the hospital the other day and she's at home resting, and she is perfectly fine. Ari and Tommy have hit things off, and they're seemingly going well. The boys, Ari and I are all gathered around the TV watching a horror movie, as we usually do when we have nothing better to do and the guys don't want to go to the Whiskey. I'm eyeing and smiling at how amazingly cute Tommy and Ari are being, they are playing with each other, and Tommy is whispering things in her ear, making her laugh.

"They're cute aren't they?" I whisper in Nikki's ear.
"Yeah, Tommy's always been good with the ladies." He returns.

"Don't open that door!" Vince exclaims, yelling at the girl on the television.
"Vince, shut the hell up!" Mick retorts.

We laugh at the boys' immaturity and return watching the movie, where the girl did in fact open the door, and was killed by the man with a hook as a hand. I shivered in fear, I don't like blood. Nikki wraps his arms around me and kisses my temple in comfort. A few minutes later I notice Tommy doing the same thing to Ari, and she giggles.

The movie ended shortly after that. We were all tired so we decided to just go to bed. Ari is spending the night tonight, and hopefully we'll get to hang out or something eventually. Nikki and I walked up the stairs hand in hand to go to sleep, when we were stopped by Ari.

"Mel, can I ask you a question in private?" Ari says in her adorable Portuguese voice.
"Yeah, sure." I rub my eyes and answer, walking back into the living room.
"Does Tommy always act weird around girls?" She asks as I'm sitting on the couch, which completely catches me off guard.
"What? What do you mean?" I ask, still a little bit shocked.
"I don't really know. When he's around me he acts nervous, or he'll blush a lot." She adds.
"Ari, I think that's a sign that he really likes you. He doesn't act like that around any other girl." I comfort, placing my hand on hers in a soft manner.
"Oh really? I'm so happy! I like him a lot too." She says happily.
"Okay, goodnight. I'm happy for the both of you." I say in a nice tone, walking back upstairs.
"Goodnight, and thanks." She returns.

I open the door to my room to find Nikki already asleep, so I decide to turn the lights off and just sleep in my current clothes. Nikki wraps an arm around me in his sleep, which startles me a bit.

"You awake babe?" I whisper.
"Mhm, what did Ari want." He mumbles.
"You know, just girl talk." I giggle.
"Better not have been talking about me." Nikki says, and I can feel his smirk.
"Definitely didn't, Nik." I tease.
"Yeah yeah, goodnight." He kisses my lips and I cuddle my face into the crook of his neck.

I woke up to an empty place beside me on the bed. That's weird, Nik doesn't usually wake up without me. I walk downstairs to find the guys gathered on the couch, and Ari sitting on Tommy's lap.

"What's going on guys?" I ask, sitting beside Nikki.
"We're planning our next music video, and you girls are going to be in it." Nikki smirks.
"Really?" I ask. I've never been in a video before.
"Yes, our single is released today and then we make the music video." He adds.
"What do we have to do?" Ari asks.
"Well... You're going to play strippers." Vince coughs out.
"Why do I have a feeling this was your idea?" I roll my eyes at Vince.
"Hey doll, it wasn't all me, your boy toy there had a say in it." He laughs. I look at Nikki with my eyebrow cocked and a smirk on my face.
"Fine, if I have to." I sigh, and slap the back of Nikki's head.
"Hey, you'll both look great. We just have to call out designer to make some clothes." Nikki smirks.
"We can do it at the Whiskey." Tommy adds in.
"Yeah, it'll be perfect." Nikki says in a cheeky tone.
"When do we get to hear the single?" I ask.
"It's going to be on the radio at 2pm." Mick answers.
"Can't wait to hear it." I smirk.

The boys gather up some final plans for the video, and Vince calls their manager to tell them all their plans for it. It sounds cool, but I'm nervous. Ari has a perfect body to play a stripper, and I have weird proportions that don't match the 'stripper' critique. Oh well, I'll do it for Nikki I guess.

"Nik, are you sure you want me to play a stripper? I don't exactly have the body for it." I ask when we're back in our room getting ready to hear the single.
"You have a beautiful body, why wouldn't you want to show it off? I'm going to see it eventually." He whispers in my ear with his arms around my waist, kissing my neck.
"I don't know, it's not really something I would usually do." I admit.
"Get out of your comfort zone. See that?" He points to me in the mirror. "That's a beautiful girl with a beautiful body."
"I love you Nik." I turn and kiss him.
"I love you too, now let's go hear what you'll be dancing to." He winks and drags me downstairs, where the guys are already waiting.

"Ok, it starts after this Aerosmith song." Vince announces.
"Guys, it's starting." Mick says.

The opening sound is a motorcycle and sure enough, Vince's vocals start:

"Friday night and I need a fight
My motorcycle and a switchblade knife
Handful of grease and my hair feels right
But what I need to get me tight are those

Girls, girls, girls
Long legs and burgundy lips
Girls, girls, girls
Dancin down on the Sunset Strip
Girls, girls, girls
Red lips, fingertips"

Nikki is dancing with me, and Tommy is doing the same with Ari while Mick and Vince are tapping their feet and singing along.

"Trick or treat, sweet to eat
On Halloween and New Year's Eve
Yankee girls, ya just cant be beat
But youre the best when youre off ya feet

Girls, girls, girls
At the Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale
Girls, girls, girls
Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletails
Girls, girls, girls
Raising hell at the 7th Veil"

I laugh at the guys' ability to name so many strip clubs, and the overall cheekiness of the song.

"Have you read the news
In the Soho Tribune?
Ya know she did me
Well, then she broke my heart

Im such a good good boy
I just need a new toy
I tell ya what, girl, dance for me
I'll keep you overemployed
Just tell me a story, you know the one I mean

Crazy Horse, Paris, France
Forgot the names, remember romance
I got those photos of menage a trois
Musta broke those Frenchies' laws with those

Girls, girls, girls
Body Shop and the Marble Arch
Girls, girls, girls
Tropicanas where I lost my heart
Girls, girls, girls

Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls
Girls, girls, girls"

"That was Motley Crüe's brand new single Girls, Girls, Girls! You were the first to hear it, here on Rock 105. The video is out soon, so stay tuned."  The radio announcer said, and we all clapped.

"I loved it guys, it sounds amazing!" I say, and the guys engulf Ari and I in a group hug.
"Now we can't wait for our girls to dance to it." Vince winks at Ari and I.
"Soon baby, soon." Nikki whispers in my ear.

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