Chapter 1- Important question

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"Psst! Alice!" The platinum blonde 'popular' girl named Ashley whispered from across the room. "Meet me outside I have to ask you something important.." I sighed and nodded approval. I wasn't particularly fond of Ashley... she thought the world revolved around her and that only her opinion mattered to be honest I can't stand people like that my grandparents are like that all they talked about after my dad died was money and themselves and how they didn't get enough left for them.. but oh well I guess people are who they are..
I slowly finished my work and my notes for the test next Tuesday. the bell Rings classes over. thank God I couldn't take anymore of Mr. Smiths yapping about the test. I walk out of the classroom Max the tall black haired blue eyed pale skinned dressed in his usual shorts and a nerdy t-shirt walked up to me smiling. Max is my best friend we've been best friends since we were in diapers. he is there for me when no one else is."Hey Alice"
He smiled more
"Hey what's up?" I said smiling back at him.
"Wanna come over to my house?"
"Sure" I love Max's house his family is so loving his younger brother is adorable and his older sister is badass his Mom is the nicest person you'll ever meet and his dad is such a fun loving man. "My family said you could spend the night if you want because your mom is out on a business trip"
I smiles "Okay cool well can't we stop by my house so I can pick up clothes?"
"Of course even though you'll probably steal my hoodies again anyways." He laughs and so do I
"Yup. I'm the the hoodie thief" we both laughed again and walked outside. Where Ashley was waiting for me. "I'll be right back" I walked up to her 'you said you needed to ask me something important?" I looked at her eagerly waiting to get home and get clothes. "Yes are you and Max Taylor dating?"she said looking at max

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