Chapter Six

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I woke up in my bed and wondered how I got there. I walked to the living room and saw Nicole. She spoke and I spoke back.

" Hey Im Finna Shower ; You Tryna Go Out " I asked

" To " she asked

" Car leaves in 20 Minutes Punk " I replied and walked to the bathroom.

It was Friday and Nicole deserved mad applause for what she did for me. She ain't signed up for none so ima treat her. Get a few drinks dance around and bool.

I locked my door and walked next door. She answered the door and my jaw dropped. She looked beautiful!

" Lo Damnnn " she spat

I snapped out of it and lead the way. She asked where we was going the whole ride. When the car stopped I got out and opened her door. We walked in my homie party and that shit was lit. I started dapping folks up and she held my arm. She seemed scared slick. She got to drinking some juice and her mood lighten. Everybody know that shit was spiked. We got to dancing and shorty started turning up on my ass. She grabbed my hand and started throwing it back

* Throw that ass ina circle ! Aye Throw that ass ina circle ! *

Soaking Wet by Pleasure P came on and I found myself sitting in a chair. My hands grasped her ass and her lips pressed mine. If I could I would've fucked her right then and there.

" Baby Lets Go Home " She whispered in my ear as continued grinding on me.

We got up and made our way outside. I helped her in the car and speed off. She looked at me intensely and I wont flex that shit was turning me on. We got out the car and made it in the house. She wasted no time. We started kissing aggressively. I pushed  her against the wall and undressed her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her close to me. She pushed me back on the couch and got on top of me. I  kissed her neck and started massaging her clit through her panties.

" Mmmm " She moaned and biting her lips.

I could tell she wanted me bad af but I stopped. She's drunk to my understanding . I got up and walked to the kitchen.

" What are You Doing " She asked trying to rub down my abs

" Stop Your Drunk You'll Regret This Tomorrow " I replied

" I'm Not Drunk , I'm Tipsy . Look I Wantchu and I Know You Want Me. You Been Waiting for the Day and Now its Here " She said

We started kissing and everything felt so right. She took my hand and led me to the room. I got on top and planted kisses all over her. Starting at her lips and working my way down. Kissing down her stomach and on her waistline.

" Mmmm Baby I Want You " She Moaned

I got both of her legs and placed them on my shoulders. Kissing and sucking all down them teasing her even more. I wanted her to drip soaking wet for me then Id know its real. I slid those panties to the side.

* One Slow Long Lick *

Her body tweaked and she exhaled. I Picked her up off the bed. The only thing that touched the bed was her forearms. I thrusted her with my thick wet tongue slowly.

" Mmmm Yess " She moaned

This began to increase and she had no choice but to take it. Her legs started to shake and her nails gripped my back. She was reaching her climax ....

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