*3rd Person POV*

It was October 31st, it had been a year since Dan & Phil had moved in together, they had already started thinking about having children together, they were in love, Their fans could see it in there YouTube videos, they could see the love in their eyes. Dan is currently waiting for Phil to return home, it is currently 2AM. Phil had said he had a surprise for Dan tonight.

*Dan's POV*

I am currently pacing the room that Phil had left me in hours ago, he said that he had a huge surprise for me tonight and that it could only happen tonight. Suddenly I hear a car horn outside, breaking me out of this trance i'd put myself in, I go out and have a look at who it was, it wasn't the usual car that Phil drove, this one was a black limousine, from inside I see Phil motion me to enter the unfamiliar vehicle. I oblige. We seem to drive for what seems like hours, an unfamiliar person driving the limousine.

'Is this what it's like to be famous?'

We arrived at a VERY unfamiliar park, and went over to a circle, placing objects on each point, it wasn't even really a circle, more of a pentagram and we unconsciously started muttering to ourselves.

The words we were muttering were "Bagabi laca bachabe Lamc cahi achababe Karrelyos Lamac lamec Bachalyas Cabahagy sabalyos Baryolas Lagoz atha cabyolas Samahac et famyolas Harrahya"This clearly was not English but seemed to be working because the air began getting very cold and a black figure appeared between Me & Phil. I couldn't see what was happening. Phil Began talking to the unknown black figure.

*Phil's POV*

I had bought Dan here for one reason, because I knew he wanted children, not adopted either, he wanted children of our own, however, the only problem was, we're both male. I was currently pleading Satan to somehow make it possible for us to have children, we'd come to a compromise. Dan is giving birth to our children, the only problem was Dan hated Furby's..... I hope he's okay with this.

"Très Bien" Said Satan (who can only speak French).

He disappeared into the smoke, leaving Me & Dan alone. I'd just made a deal with him for Dan and I to have children. I hope Dan would be okay with this deal.

*Dan's POV*

I woke up the next morning highly exhausted for some reason, the rest of last night was a huge blur to me, all I remember is seeing Phil after the odd black figure had disappeared and that was about it, it is now November 1st, I seem to have put a bit of weight on since I last checked... or maybe I was just pregnant... most likely the first one. Phil seems to still be asleep so I end up making breakfast for the both of us. I was surprisingly hungry today. I sit down and try and remember what had happened last night, apart from the weird Satanic circle and black figure. Halloween is a spoopy time. I like that word. Spoopy.

I begin to hear Phil stir in his sleep so I go into the room that we share together and give him a good morning kiss.

I lead him into the kitchen where i'd left his breakfast and tell him to eat it because I was planning on taking him somewhere.

*Phil's POV*

I wake up to Dan giving me a good morning kiss and I smile, he tells me that he wants to take me somewhere today, I hope it's not the park where the Satanic circle was, I have no idea how to explain to him the events of last night.... or how he got pregnant. Anyway, for now i'm just going to eat this breakfast he'd made me and call him cute all day while we both take down Halloween decorations, Today is going to be an interesting day.

Later on today Dan decides he'll have a nap.

A/N: Sorry about this small chapter, i was running out of ideas, i love all of you guys and i'll see you in whatever i decide to write next. have a wonderful day/night, you're all amazing :D

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