Chapter 19

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Stormfire stretched and yawned waking up. She'd been in Skyclan for a quarter moon now and new every cat by name. Some regarded her with suspicion others with curiosity and amazement.

As she left the warriors den she sensed something was different. There were warriors missing. As Stormfire was greeted by Raingorse she decided to ask him. "Why is the camp so quiet?"

"Leafshine scented loners or rogues and Lionstar went with Ivyclaw and Leafshine to investigate," Raingorse explained. "But they've been out for ages,"

Suddenly screeched filled the air. Exchanging a glance with Raingorse the two cats bolted to the source of the noise. Lionstar,Leafshine and Ivyclaw were fighting against three cats. One of the cats fought fiercely slashing and snarling driving Ivyclaw backwards.

Stormfire saw a flash of ginger tabby fur and her eyes widened with shock. "Mousewing!"

Stormfire sank her claws into Ivyclaw's shoulder ripping the dark brown and black she-cat off Mousewing. Then Stormfire ran up to Mousewing pressing her muzzle into his fur.

"Stormfire," Mousewing whispered.

"What's going on?" Lionstar asked.

"These are my friends," Stormfire answered. "Mousewing, Hazelberry, Cloudpelt this is Lionstar the Skyclan leader,"

"You found him!" Hazelberry crowed.

"Where's Fallowflower?" Cloudpelt asked.

"I'm right here," the light gray she-cat hissed bursting through the trees.

Stormfire looked over at the Skyclan cats. Lionstar's gaze was guarded as he glanced at the five cats. Leafshine's Amber gaze looked bewildered, there was blood on her orange and white fur. Ivyclaw looked furious. Raingorse looked curious.

"If these are your friends then let's return to camp," Lionstar ordered.

All nine cats returned to camp together.

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