Chapter 4

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"So I was just wondering if you have any social media..?"

"Actually yea i have-"

One of his friends comes up and starts whispering in his ear and Im just awkwardly standing there debating whether or not i should leave.

"Sorry he was asking me a question about.. band.."

"Its fine. You play in the band here?"

"Yea actually... Anyway whats your social media..?"

I give him my social media(s) and just talk till the bell rings. Omg Im so glad i didnt say anything stupid like i usually do..

Anyway I get home and again get ready for dance.

My best friend at dance knows everything. Her name is Madeline and she knows everything. We've been friends since we were little but i tell her about Jakob and she is so surprised i didnt say anything stupid either.

I tend to freeze up when I talk to boys.

Well after dance I get home, take a shower and finish homework. Before I go to bed I scroll through my social media and i see that Jakob texted me!!

I was kinda really happy. Although I dont believe in that love at first sight thing, It was sort of like that. He was tall, slim, had nice brown hair and blue green eyes.

I texted back saying "sorry I was at dance"

But then I fell asleep..

I woke up and see he texted back really late. Who even stays up that late? Anyway I did my usual routine and get in the car.

I was a little scared to go to sixth period cause I never responded to Jakob. I have butterflies.. I feel so bad but he'll understand right?


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