Number VI: Years in the Future

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But months in the past....


Your name is LYRIC and it earth years you are about TWENTY FOUR. Currently you have your hood pulled over your head and your legs are tired from treading in the sand for so long. Your TWIN SISTER is not with you currently thank god. She does nothing but complain about everything. It get's quite annoying after awhile but at least she's on the other side of the planet now, looking for the piece of technology you were sent here for. You pull out your COMMUNICATION DEVICE, which you just called your phone and click on the projector app, you click on the word that says "TECHNOLOGY PIECE" and it brings up an image of what it looks like. This is the thing your looking for, your going to need it if you are ever to start. You turn of your phone and head toward one of the old houses on the outside of the green stem city or whatever trolls called it. And your beginning to understand why are nocturnal, it's so god-damn bright and gross. You don't even remember what sunlight felt like (thank god it's disgusting), it was hundreds of years ago when The Invasion happened and your people have lived underground ever since. You could go into the large history of your planet but decided against it, thats not the story currently and it would go off topic.

You walk into the old house and look around, there are some old blood stains which are several different colors but are too faded and dried to identify perfectly. One was a purple color, another was red (which was splattered on the ground) and there was a couple drips and drops of teal color. Whatever scuffle happened here must have been pretty violent. 

You look around the bottom floor, broken pieces of furniture lie around that seem to have been burned. You walk up the three steps of stairs to the part of the house that was on the foundation. Still, more burned and broken furniture. Not as much blood however. You are careful where you step, the floor boards are pretty loose and you don't want to get stuck in the foundation with a broken limb having to call Thanatos...ugh just fuck that guy. So creepy and mysterious whats his deal?! Gosh. As you walk you see a sunken chest that fell through the floor boards. There is no lock and you feel the lid of it, opening the chest slightly. The wood around it refused to move as you tried to open the chest making it only open a few inches.

You tug at the chest and the floor board creak which makes you take a few steps back, finally you dislodge it...but alas the chest falls right side up below the floor and so did you. Good news  there was no basement, so you didn't fall far. Bad news was it was too high up for you to lift yourself back up, and you'll have to call...him. You attempted about fifty times, even using the chest as a stool and sighed frustratedly after you gave up. At least the chest was fully openable now. You had over and open the chest, theres nothing inside just as you expected. Looking back at the hologram on your phone you got the image of the item one last time before you contacted Thanatos. 

"Colonel Thanatos Mortem do you copy?" 

Nate (Thanatos), response in his smooth stupid ass fuck boy tone,

"I'm right here. I knew you would need my help."

"No you didn't, I'm stuck under the floor in one of the houses on Alternia."


"Frog Six, Galaxy Three, Universe One, Planet Two." You sigh again, "Please help me."

"The planet has a name? Why would they name their planet?"

" Most of the planets with intelligence species have names, and the ones that don't have those species are named by the invaders, we called our planet 'Base' didn't we? Now for the love of god, help me please."

"Well at least you say please." Nate said most likely thinking about your rude sister. Within an hour he arrives at the planet and finds the house, he sees you sitting on the chest with your legs crossed.

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