(Day 1)

"Ahh." I screamed.

I opened my eyes and felt an intense pain on my back, I tried to move but every move I made it was like thousands of swords on my back. I still had my seat belt on I moved my right hand and unlocked it and automatically fell on the floor.

"Fuck." I exclaimed and shook my head.

My face landed on the ground which was muddy, I spit the dirt and got up. With a piece of my shirt, I cleaned my face. Yikes, I thought, this is really disgusting. I looked at my surroundings and saw the worst picture you could ever imagined. A piece of the plane in which we were flying probably minutes ago, was all over the place, shattered. Its pieces spread all around. I swallowed hard and thought the worst. We are lost.

My knees were shaking and I noticed blood on my hands when I touched my back, that means I must have some kind of wound there.

"Manu- I heard.

I tried to look for the voice that was calling my name, it looked extremely familiar.

"Here- I heard this time and saw a piece of the wing of the plane, moving a bit. I walked as fast as I could and tried to move it, but it was too heavy.

"I need your help." I said and he tried to help me but it was pointless.

"I need to think" I muttered.

"A kick- He only managed to say.

"I can't-

"Please, try- He insisted.

I focused and tried to kick the wing but it was too heavy.

"Fuck, I am gonna die here." He cried.

"Shut up Bastian. I'll find the way." I said looking desperately around Bastian to see if maybe there was a tool or something that could help me.

"Oh god, I am so sorry if I was ever mean to you. I love you man, I love my team- He said in the middle of a desperate cry.

"Please shut up, you're not gonna die." I said pushing the wing but it was way too heavy.

"I just- just want to- to- I looked at him with my eyes wide open, he closed his eyes and his head rested backwards.

"BASTIAN?" I exclaimed.

A few seconds later he reacted again

"To say that I am full of regrets-

"Fuck! Man, you scared me!" I exclaimed.

"Why?" He asked confused.

"I thought you just died." I said pointing at him and he looked at me terrified.

"Am I gonna die?" He asked hurt and I rolled my eyes.

"Let's try once more." I said and he nodded.

Finally after a few seconds of pushing, the wing gave in and moved away from Bastian's leg.

"Oh mein gott." He said terrified.

"Sorry." I said looking down.

His leg was bloody and bruised. It had dirt and you could clearly see a sore in the middle of the femur. He was so scared, I could see it in his eyes, he was sweating and shaking his head.

"Am I? Am I?" That's the only thing he was able to say.

"Come on." I said leaning to him to help him stood from the ground but he was lost.

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