Chapter 4: Morning troubles

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With the screeching ring of the alarm clock, Asher tumbled off his bed in a heap.

"Ahh! Ouch my head..." struggling to switch off his annoying alarm clock.

Scratching his eyes, he washed up and exited his room. Sitting down on the dining table, he lifted his fork. The fork slowly descended down, only to meet an empty plate. His sleepy eyes caught the sight of his empty plate.

"Did I take the wrong plate?" Looking around, he noticed that the kitchen was empty, not a soul was visible, "Is it my turn to cook breakfast today? No wait, today is a Tuesday, my duty is on Saturday. Who is supposed to cook breakfast toady then?"

Referring to the duty roster on the kitchen wall, he was taken aback, but regained his composure not long after.

"No choice but to call her down, but I can't believe that she forgot her duty was today." staggering back up the stairs.

"Knock knock, Ms Reufillia," he said teasingly.

"Ms Reufillia," he tried again.

"Hey Heather, can you hear me?" he shouted but there was no reply or whatsoever from her room. A wave of scenes came flashing through his mind, filling him with worry and panic. He desperately attempted to knock down the door to her room.

The commotion caused everyone in the dormitory to rush over to Heather's room.

"What happened Asher?" cried a worried Annabelle.

"It's Heather, she is not responding, I called her so many times, I think something might have happened to her in the room!" he persistently smashed himself against the door.

All of them shouted for Heather except for Petra who calmly leaned against the wall, "don't woryy too much, maybe she just overslept."

Asher sighed, "No choice, everyone stand back" he commanded.

The door burst open, sending chips of wood flying in every direction. He scrambled into the room to find Heather still slumped on the bed. Annabelle shook her shoulders violently, tears threatening to fall from her golden eyes.

"10 minutes more..."Heather mumbled, "just 10 minutes." and she fell back asleep.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded save for Petra who anticipated this.

"Told you so, I'm going to grab an apple, does not seem like she is going to wake up soon anyways." yawning as she exited the room.

Sighing in relief, Asher burst into laughter "I have never met anyone who could ignore the cries of four desperate people, I overreacted, sorry everyone for causing such an uproar early in the morning." he blushed in embarrassment as well.

"Glad she is fine, I am going to get breakfast, Nickson are you coming?" Derek asked.

"I will see you two in Mathematics class later, don't be late, as the Mathematics representative, I will be watching," he said to Asher and Annabelle.

The two exited the room. Suddenly, "Is it morning already?!" Heather sat up and exclaimed.

"It is about time you woke up," Annabelle giggled.

"What happened to my door?" she stared the the once beautiful wooden door, now reduced to a few blackened chips of wood. The entrance was also filled with soot and black burn marks.

"Nothing! Nothing happened!" Asher hurriedly blurted.

"Anyways, to more important things, did you forget that you had duty today Heather! I was so hungry that I could faint!" he dramatically cried.

"I am so sorry, I completely forgot!" as she started to panic she stood up, colliding with the nearby chair, she toppled over, landing face first on the ground.

Slowly, she steadied herself. Asher and Annabelle could not contain it anymore, they burst into laughter.

"It seems like I still have a long way to go" Heather cheerfully said.

"We will settle breakfast ourselves, you can have the fruit in the fridge as breakfast. Do not worry about us, we will be fine." Annabelle replied. Heather prepared for lessons, the scene this morning constantly replays in her head, especially the sight of her door.

"Finally! The end of the last lesson!" she celebrated.

"Hey Heather! Do you want to head back to the dormitory with me?" Asher excitedly asks.

"Sure," she replied.

Shifting his gaze towards her eyes, he grins,"Tonight you will see why the Orion dormitory is the most awesome dormitory on campus"

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