Oh, wow.

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Finally lunch! I screamed in my head, jumping up as Petra still looked dumbfounded hearing I was gay. Humph. I ran to my locker chucking my books in and grabbing my backpack, I shut my locker and Levi's cold eyes were staring at me, I jumped when I saw that he was hidden behind my locker door, "Calm down I'm not that scary" he joked in is monotone voice, "I just wasn't expecting you to be there" in spat as defence and he rolled his eyes "Where do you wanna go?" He asked raising his eyebrow, oh. I hadn't put much thought into that. "I'm not really hungry so we can do whatever" he looked back at me not moving his head. He was leaned against the locker the back of his head pressed against it his neck sticking out, wearing the practically opposite of what he was wearing the first time I met him. A red dress shirt with a black tie and a white vest, but similar ripped jeans and white converse. I smiled, "we could go walk somewhere?" I suggested, locking my locker "Sure, but where?" He asked. He sounded painfully bored. "The bridge?" I offered. He nodded slinging his black backpack over his shoulder.

We chatted, making our way to the wooden bridge, most people hung out underneath it, where the cool murals were. Some tagging riddled the beautiful art work. But not much, we talked about school, interests. And about the wall. "I don't feel like going back to school." Levi sighed. "Wanna skip?" He asked turning his head to face me. We were now sitting, our backs pressed against the paint covered wall, luckily dry paint. "I mean... I do have a test coming up.." I stutteredl "Have you ever skipped school?" He asked raising his thin eyebrows "Yeah! Of course I have!" I stuttered I felt a blush cover my face, unmasking my lie, he smirked. "Well we are today" he said, the smirk had already disappeared. He stood up grabbing my wrist and pulling me to my feet. He dragged me into a small path in the bushes that were surrounding us, there was a bunch of thick pieces of wood dug into the ground, leading up to a small shed roof and metal walls surrounding. It was almost the size of a small classroom. There was a couch, a stereo and a heater. It looked home-ish. "What's this?" I asked taking my shoes of to walk on the carpet covered ground. "It's mine. Me and Jean built it when we were younger. I pimped it out more though. He turned on the heater. I was afraid bugs may get it but looking around, it was so neat. And tidy. Not a spider insight. There must have been a small hole, somewhere. It couldn't be as perfect as it looked. "How is it so neat??" I asked studying the room, for a flaw "Reasons." He glared at me than plopped down on the couch. Putting a cd in the stereo. Some music started playing, and I couldn't help but sway my body to the music, I started dancing and Levi just stared at me in awe.

"What? It's a good song?" I said and closed my eyes dancing some more, Levi came up behind me wrapping his hands around my waist, I felt him strain to reach my ear because of his height, which again wasn't TOO short but it was kinda adorable. I shivered as his hands rested on my hips, "your just so beautiful" he whispered in my ear. Making me tremble in his arms. I turned around to face him, leaning down planting a kiss on his cheek, and hugging him, his hands went up to my neck and we began dancing to the music together, we danced, and danced. I got a call from Mikasa, which interrupted our dancing, Levi plopped down on the couch turning the stereo down a bit so he could still listen to it. "Yes Mikasa?" I asked, her voice screeched through the phone and I had to hold it away from my ear a bit, "WHERE ARE YOU?" She asked too loud "I'm just-" I got cut off from my answer by her asking another question. "ARE YOU WITH LEVI?" She asked louder, he huffed. He must have heard her. "Mikasa, calm down. We're just hanging out."I replied, and Levi sneered behind me "IS HE DOING THINGS TO YOU?" Mikasa yelled again and Levi started laughing, loud enough for Mikasa to hear, I have never heard him laugh, it was kinda scary. He calmed down "THAT BAS-" she got cut off by Levi "I haven't done anything yet, stop ruining the surprise" he yelled and I heard Mikasa explode "IM GONNA COME GET YOU EREN! RIGHT NOW! WHERE ARE YOU?" She screamed "Mikasa he's just messing with you" I hope... "I'm really not" he said snickering. "EREN JEAGER! Get back to school now!" She said in a calm-ish voice. God I was in deep shit. She was going to beat the fuck out of me when I get home... God damn. "Mikasa I'm going now, text me when you've cooled off." I said "I'm your brother not your son" I huffed and hung up the phone. Levi came up behind me his hands rubbing circles under my shirt, his face pressed into my shoulder blade. His hands felt cold on my hot skin, I tried to turn around but Levi had a grip of steel on my stomach. His hands felt good though, the butterflies in my stomach were growing, and fast. "Levi I don't know if we shou-" Levi interjected before I could finish, "Just be quiet" he said and turned me around, I kissed him, harder than I've ever kissed anyone. His hands crept to the small of my back, he pressed one finger on a certain point on my back making my lower half lurch into him, I felt him grinning, -I'm gonna stop right there. Sorry no smut in this story, let's just say they stopped before anything, too nasty, happened ;)-

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