early morning Breakfast

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I woke up to breakfast and Marcus eyeballing me
Tessa- Sum interesting up here?
Marcus- No
Tessa- then quit looking up here and eat I'm not hungry.
I pushed the tray to him. I didn't eat breakfast. He looked at me like I'd been causing him out in Arab.
Tessa- Huh
Tessa- I don't eat breakfast.
Marcus- Its the most Important meal of the day
Tessa- Not to me I rolled back under his blanket.
He joined me.
Marcus- Well Imma eat. He removed my panties.
Marcus- If you don't start eating imma eat
Tessa- hmm ur bluffing
He wasn't he picked my leg up and began eating my breakfast. I moaned in satisfaction. He stopped and looked at me are you going to eat? Nope. Suit yourself. He went back to work. I screamed and begged for him to quit. He kept going. I rolled my eyes in the back of my head. I was close he knew it. He flipped me over and spread them from the back and ate my pearl. I came but he kept going . my legs trembled. I came for the third time. He stopped pecked my lips. And then kissed me.
Marcus- breakfast was great now next time if I say eat what are you going to do
Tessa- eat I kissed him and went to sleep I was tired
Marcus- mhmm breakfast with a side of Tessa best breakfast ever

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