Read a/n at the bottom it's about Aussie slang. Sorta.

When the bell went indicating lunch, I sprinted out of maths and went to the office to check out for lunch. (A/n do other schools do this???).

I start riding my long board towards KFC cause that place is bomb. When I get there I see they brought back the little snack pack things,  so I got one and a cookies and creams krusher.

When they call my order I quickly take it thanking the woman and I sit at a table and eat as much as I can. When I finished eating I took my drink and started long boarding to the beach.

When I got there I picked up my board and went to the little gym/playground area and started doing workouts on the gym stuff there. (A/N my town has that 😊).

After about 15mins I decide to start heading back.

Half way on my way back I longboard into someone who was quite hard. Just as I'm about to fall the boy quickly puts his and on my waist and pulls me up. Once he pulls me up he removes his hand from my waist.

"Uh...sorry about that I wasn't watching where I was going" I quickly appolagise to the guy.

"It was my fault to I wasn't exactly watching where I was going either" the guy said.

"I'm Ethan" he says putting his hand out for me to shake.

"Tyrell" I say shaking his hand.

Then we fall into an awkward silence.

"Well I gotta go now... It was nice meeting you" I reply trying to not sound rude or anything.

"Yeah it was nice meeting you to. ... but before you go could I like uh have like your phone number or something?" He asks nervously scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah sure" I reply laughing at his shyness.

His face lights up as I grab a pen from my bag and I ask him "can I write it on your arm?".

"Huh, yeah sure" he says smiling.

I write down my number leaving 2 X's on the end. When he looks at it he looks up at me smiling.

I wink at him and walk off and start longboarding back to school.

When I got there it was already 15 minutes into the lesson. I quickly chucked my rubbish in the bin and walked into history.

Once again the teacher glared at through her pointy glasses.

"Yes?" I ask annoyed.

"Just sit down" she snaps at me.

"Ok. Jeez mate, calm your farm" I say putting my hands up in defeat.

Then I sit down and the teacher begins talking about Arthur Phillip and James Cook and people like that, while I just sit back and  try to not sleep.


So how was the chapter?

And Tyrell will say 'mate' a lot cause she's Australian and that's what we say.

Also here's some Aussie slang tips?

Thongs= flip flops in Australia not g-strings.

What'd ya reckon = what do you think
That's a bit and I think I should explain the school so here we go:

3yrs old: day care.
4yrs old:kindy / kindergarten
Reception-7 so 5-12/13: primary school
12/13-17/18:secondary/high school
18-how ever: is just catch ups.
And it's mUm in Australia so yea just yeah mate



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