I ride into school on my longboard. My longboard is maroon on top and underneath has tribal patterns and my wheel are also maroon. Today I was wearing a maroon crop top with the number '98' in white on the front and back. It was tight and long sleeved. It showed off my pink pearled belly button piercing. For my pants I was wearing grey sweat pants that fitted my legs nicely and my hair was in a tight messy bun. And I'm wearing black Vans that are ripped a little on the side with usual Santa Cruz socks. I had my nose and lip piercings in. I literally give no effort for my appearance at school.

I ride to my locker and get my books for maths and I start riding in the halls. Rebel, I know. As I'm riding the principals voice floods through the halls on the speaker:

"Tyrell Dallas to the principals now, I repeat Tyrell Dallas to the principals office now."

I groan. Why is it always me. Anyways I turn right towards the principals office I stop in front of the principals office and walk in. When I walk in the principal glares at my longboard and says " Tyrell did you ride that in the halls".

"Is it that obvious?" I say sarcastically.

The principal just shakes his head and says " anyways, do you know why you're here?"

"Well," I begin while flopping on to one of the chairs "I Have a few ideas that I won't say just incase you don't know about it" I finish with a cheeky smile.

"Well, Tyrell you're actually in here for a good reason".

"Whaaaaaaa???" I question.

"Yes I am surprised to" he says.

"Harsh" I mumble.

The principal just laughs before saying "anyways you have been picked to represent the state in skate boarding"

My eyes go wide "WHAT?!?!" I scream standing up.


"There's always a catch" I mumble flopping back into the chair.

"You will have to behave for 1 week before meeting a few others from different states in California and practicing before the real competition starts". The principal states.

" oh ok that's not too bad" I say relieved.

" yeah anyways you gotta go to class now"

"K" I say leaving.

When I walk into maths the teacher gives me a glare and speaks rudely "why are you late miss. Dallas".

"Cause I can be" I tell the teacher in a 'duh' tone.

"Sit down" she demands rudely.

"What else was I gonna do? Jump out  the window" I say sarcastically swinging my bag off in to my left shoulder and sitting down.

The teacher just shakes her head and begins writing some algebra shit I don't understand on the board.



I hope yal enjoyed.

(I don't speak like that, No offense)


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