Chapter 1

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Blythe's POV
Pain. That's all I could describe what was happening and what happened. My     
so called "boyfriend" had just cheated on me with my sister. I just can't keep feeling this way anymore. Why am I so worthless, hard to be loved, ugly? I don't understand why I can't be loved or appreciated. I kept asking my blade these questions and it just kept writing answers on my thighs and wrist. I didn't even know what to do after so I broke down in the middle of the bathroom. Why does everyone leave me? First my mom,my dad,my sister,Jake( her boyfriend), and myself. As I was about to cut again I heard the front door slam. It was my father coming back from the bar. If I'm lucky he falls asleep right when he gets home but today wasn't the day.
"BLYTHE!" My dad yelled.
I didn't have time to clean up my cuts because the door slammed open and an angry father with a bottle of vodka appeared.
"WHY THE HELL IS THIS?" He yelled.
"I um-I d-don't know-w,"I answered.
"You worthless piece of,"He slurred in my face.
"Stupid stupid idiot,"He mumbled while slapping me across the face twice.
By know my eyes were streaming with tears. I thought he was done hitting me but no I was so wrong. He pulled me up by my hair and dragged me out of the bathroom then down the stairs. He smashed an empty bottle of beer onto my head making me scream bloody murder. He then flipped my onto my chest on the floor. I was so confused what was going to happen. He answered my thought by whipping my back with his belt. I screamed, I yelled, I tried to please him to stop but he was to focused on whipping me. After about 30 whips he left. Just like that, leaving me to die on the floor. The first hour on the floor the blood everywhere had dried. The second hour I had forced myself up to do what I had to do. This was my ticket to freedom. I got my back pack and packed everything in my closet which wasn't much. I got my lifes saving of money in my guitar case. I got a jacket, backpack, and my guitar and snuck out the window. This was it. Everything I had ever wanted.


Hope you guys enjoyed that story.
Btw here are some facts you are going to need cause it might confuse you later on their age so yeah.
Niall is 19. Blythe is 18. Why? Cause I want to.
Okay that's it bye. ✌️💩

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