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~Flare's Pov~
I-I can't believe Dash would do that!H-He said he loved me!
WAS IT ALL SOME JOKE?I'M SO FURIOUS!!!!!As I float across the land,everything lights on fire.This is what happens when you toy with a Ninetales emotions!!
~Dash's Pov~
I sprinted towards the flaming inferno that was Flare.Who knew a Ninetales could be so destructive.I finally arrived and I immediately jumped in front of her.I guess she didn't see me and accidentally shot a fireball at me.I tried to dodge but was to slow.The impact sent me flying back.I was close to fainting.I tried standing up but fell back down.I-I failed you Flare!I'm sorry!

~Flare's Pov~
I wasn't paying attention and I accidentally hit Dash!What have I done.I stopped floating and landed on the ground.I ran over to Dash and helped him up.

"DASH!!Are you ok?!?!I'm sorry I was just mad and-"Is cut off by Dash smacking his lips on Flare.

"Flare,I love you!Why did you think I like Olivia?"Dash questioned.

"Because I saw you and Olivia cuddling!"Flare Looks away with tears in her eyes.

"Olivia cuddled with me!I would never want to hurt you!
Can we just head back to the group?"Dash saids.

"Ok,can you walk?"Flare asked, holding his paw.

"I think so..."Dash tries to walk but falls face first into the grass.

"Are you ok Dashy?"Flare helps Dash up again.

"Yeah,thanks!But you might have to help me get back.I think I sprained my paw"Dash saids.

"Okay"Flare helps Dash get back to the group.

"We should probably get some sleep before everyone else wakes up"Dash whispers.

"Yeah"Flare whispers back then snuggles up into Dash's chest.

"(I love Dash so much!I can used to this)"Flare thinks.
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