weeks & weeks

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I didn't realize the first week of school went by so fast. At this rate ken and I weren't interested into talking to each other anymore, he had his own friends to hang out with, I was fine with it because I have him for three classes we'll occasionally talk from now and then. In my reading class, it was silent reading and as I "non interested" reader of documentaries, I started to daydream for a little bit then out of nowhere a note crumbled up in front of me, I looked around to see who threw that and it was ken. He made those signals for me to read it but our teacher started to get suspicious so I put it aside with the rest of my trash to not make it stand out. A few minutes later I finally opened it and it said "stop daydreaming Mrs. Paulin almost caught you!" I passed him a note saying "like she would ever catch me p.s your shoe lace is untied" he looks at it and i held a sign saying made you look. Class was over and I walked out laughing at him for falling for the trick.
It was lunch, and I went to the gym to talk to one of the teachers and I saw a dance mat plus the song dancing on my own was playing so why not? I start to dance the mixture of hip hop & ballet, I got into the dance thing I didn't notice who was watching. Ken and his friends came in laughing thinking who plays these songs; then when they saw me, they hid beside the bleacher, as they watched they started to feel the sympathy towards the song. When it was over I hear clapping, I turned around quickly and saw them standing there. I went up to them and said you saw nothing.

Next chapter I'm skipping a few things more like a year or two. Just letting you know.

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