Chapter 1 : Day of new beginings

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It was the first day of elementary school, my mother had woke me up early to braid my hair. She braided my hair to the side and we were to go down for breakfast where the rest of the family was waiting to eat.

My mother and I rushed down from my room on the second floor and down to the kitchen. I immidiately took my seat between Damon and Alec, then we began digging into the delicious food your mother has prepared. My family being the alpha family had our own house away from the pack house, where the rest of the pack stays. The Beta family also stays there and when ever my father wasn't there he would take charge. Being my father's best friend and Beta my father trusted Josh (The Beta) with everything including the safty of the pack. The Beta family consisted of Josh his mate Emily and the three children the oldest meant to be Beta to my brother Lawson , second oldest was the best friend of Jorden and Gorden and also their prank buddy you would always see them pranking the other pack members. Lastly the youngest , Lily my best friend. Lily and I had alot in common the fact that we had older brothers that would always tease us made us even closer and made us protect the other when we were teased.

Whenever the Beta family and Alpha family were both busy the Gamma's would take over. My father's Gamma ,Don and his mate Elise have two son one of them the same age as Damon, Michael, making them best friend and his younger brother is my age making him, Micah, and my brother best friends. Everyone in our family has a person we trust with our lives in the pack, for me I have Lily ,Alec has Micah ,Damon has Michael and so on.
Mum was going to send me and Alec to school while my father would send the rest of the family.

After eating breakfast mom helped me grab my bag while Alec got his. We are finally going to start school today , i'm so excited

This is my first story so sorry if if is not good .
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