Chaptr one

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One day Chloe woke up and she got a knock on the door, she went out of bad and got up and walked to her door, she opened it and there stood Luke Robert with his gorgeous brown eyes and looked at her "who are you" "I'm Luke" "hi Luke" "hi do you want to be my girl friend." Yes yes yes, but your a stanger." "I won't rap you" " ok then I love you so much" " ok let's go."

Aorthors note
Heyy girls this iis my first book and I hope yo like itt soooooooo muccccchhhhh
Luuuuuuu u
And p.s I don't like righting swear word so I spell tham wronged
P.s.s I want this book to get to 1k by midnight so please spread and don't hate

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