Love Crimes ❤️ (Pt. 2)

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"I don't wanna take away his life I don't wanna be a murder"- Rihanna

Rihanna was pining for Chris missing him like crazy wanting to hold him and caress him. She only got to see him when they FaceTime together for 30 mins everyday. Chris was working on a deal with Keeis and Robb on to transport $30 million worth of illegal merchandise to a merchant in Paris; Clinton wanted Chris to take over the whole operation to see if he was ready to become the next patriarch of the family. This was Chris' test.

Robyn was proud of her man taking charge like he always wanted to be. Rihanna was also taking charge in her business when she wasn't doing her illegal activity with Chris she was doing her thing in the fashion world becoming creative director for Puma, doing fashion campaigns for Dior, and  coming up with another line of makeup with Mac Cosmetics.

So the couple were both occupied with work. Today Rihanna was in Rome, Italy  in her villa doing a photoshoot for Vogue she was topless her long red hair was covering her breasts in pictures wearing high end skirts and heels. The photoshoot ended hours ago. Now she was in nothing but a white wife beater that stopped mid thigh. She sat in a chair as her phone was ringing grabbing it she clicked the FaceTime button on her iPhone.

"Hey baby what's up?" Chris smiled in the camera.

"Nothing right now I had a photoshoot earlier with Vogue though."

Chris rubbed his chin looking at his fiancée licking his lips."How was it?" He asked."Tastefully classy." She replied.

"That's good baby I'm proud of you but the most important thing is I miss my partner in crime."

Robyn let out a small sigh,"I know but we'll see each other very soon."

"Yeah I know baby I just miss them lips on mine."

Robyn smirked,"Which ones?"


"Oh really?" She raised her eyebrow licking her lips.

"Uh huh I can't wait till you get here so I can see that body." He bit his bottom lip."Who says you gonna wait to see it?" Robyn winked.

"Damn babe I wish I could see you naked now but I got this meeting with my father today and then I'm meeting mama for lunch. I told her about the engagement she's the only person who knows she is so happy Robz."

Rihanna's eyes lit up and she grinned into the camera."She so loves me more than you!"
Chris chuckled,"I know she playing favorites and shit; I must admit I'm jealous though."

"You'll be okay." She giggled.

"Yeah but ayo baby girl I wanted to tell you I need you for a job when we see each other again." He spoke seriously.

"What is the job Chris?" Robyn was anxious cause every time he said he wanted her for a job it was dangerous but she still went through with it cause it was just bank jobs nothing more and she didn't have to hurt anyone.

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