Picture Perfect

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I miss Chris. I miss his voice. I imagine him here with me; telling me all his wants and needs. I desire his arms around me. Caressing the very exposed skin I'm so desperately waiting for his touch. I wish he was here laying right next to me.

Whispering in my ear, that I'm all he want as his tatted hand travels to the very place I want it to be. His kisses tell me that he's hungry with lust. His eyes roam my body like its the most beautiful thing in the world. Taking care of it like a delicate painting.

That's all I want is be desired by Chris; to stare at me like no other girls before me but in a different way. Taking in the moment that I'm here for him and only for him. Nobody can take his place. I dreamt of the day where I'm in his bed just naked draped in white sheets caressing the tattoos on his back as he turns around looking at me and a smile forms, he pulls me close we just sit there in silence neither of us has to say a word; our bodies do the talking for us. I remember one day Chris were excited about having an art studio of his very own and when that time came I was right by his side. He came to me as I was dressed his white button down dress shirt; my hair a little untamed and no makeup.

Chris sat on a swivel chair in his studio apartment, taking his camera snapping some pictures of me. I tired to hide my face; but it was too late he told me not to be afraid cause he was the only one who was gonna be looking at them. I asked why he smiled taking another picture before saying it was for his personal collection he told me to relax and just have fun.

Chris said something that made me nervous but excited. "Pretend the camera is you; don't look directly in the camera. Keep your focus on me." I saw him lick his pink lips. I whispered the word "Fuck" under my breath. Chris smirked cause he knew he had me. I took a chair sitting it on the middle of the floor. Turned on some music from my iPhone; "Liquor" came on. Watching him take pictures of me. I stared at him doing like he said to do and that was to keep my focus on him. He stopped as he goes inside his bag pulling out a handheld video camera. I pretend it's not there; closing my eyes feeling the beat of the song through my body. Feeling my hands caressing my smooth hips. He tells me to open my eyes and look at him.

Opening them I stare at him I see that his shirt is now off displaying his multiple tattoos. I bite my bottom lip; continuing to move my body as he stares at me with the same amount of lust I had. Wanting to increase that look he giving me I unbuttoned the white button down I had on, it dropped to the floor; all I had on now was black laced panties and a matching bra. Making my full beautiful breasts spill out from the top. I got up from the chair and slowly swayed my hips.

Moving my curly hair from my face; walking up to him looking at the video camera still in your hand; I stopped in front of Chris. Taking both my hands to my hips I grabbed the fabric of lace and pulled it down a little. "How personal is your collection?" I smirked.

Seems like it's about to be X rated." He says taking the video camera placing it on the edge of the desk so it would look directly at us. He got up from the chair walking around me; he stopped behind me grabbing me pulling my boy shorts back on my hips and raising the black fabric up pushing it deep into my ass; showing the folds of my pussy. Feeling the pain and pleasure of it I hissed as he rubbed the sensitive flesh with the fabric still buried in it.

A moan escapes from my mouth. I miss this. Chris moved my hair away from my neck lightly start to kiss my soft skin biting it gently and soothing the sting feeling with your tongue. Still feeling his hands beneath me. Picking me up waking me over to the bed. He takes his time. Caressing my skin before he eventually starts taking off my boy shorts; then your head disappears between my legs. Oh god I miss this so much! The feeling of his lips against my golden flower tasting me. The sweetest he said he ever tasted. We capturing the moment on film in a picture perfect way capturing moment that wanted to last forever.

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