Love Crimes ❤️ Pt. 1

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"If loving is a crime tell me why I bring out the best in you." -Beyoncé (On The Run)

Chris was in love he didn't want to admit it but his actions told him he spend a lot of his time with this girl that had his mind gone. His boys thought it was bad for business if he got caught up with her. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her. She completed him in every way they were just alike two people sharing one soul. She knew about him and his dangerous ways but didn't care cause all she wanted was him and he was giving her his all.

Robyn watched as the man she loved slept peacefully in bed next to her. She knew that this was a rare occasion where she got to see him at peace and quiet. Every time they were around each other he was calm, loving and sensual. But when he handle business its like he changed into a different man a more aggressive take charge man who would kill someone at drop of a hat. Studying his face to his freckles to his slightly parted pink lips that she loved to kiss. The gleam of his nose stud that made him even more attractive. She touched his cheek with her hand lightly she smiled. God he was perfect at least in her eyes.

Chris eye's fluttered open seeing the most sexiest woman next to him staring at him."Why are you staring?"

"Cause I love this face." She giggled moving closer to him to kiss his face.

Chris chuckled,"Thank you beautiful I love your face too." He pulled her closer to him looking into her green eyes."Whatever happens today just know that I'm riding for you like you damn sure are riding for me. We in this together." Chris grabbed Rihanna's hand interlaced his fingers with hers.
She nodded hugging him as he hugged her back. Caressing her skin, kissing her hand before they got out of bed to start whatever was gonna happen today.

Showering together and then getting dressed Robyn in a VA crop top, cutoff jeans, and black Doc Martens. Her black hair laid down her back in spiral curls. Chris was dressed a white shirt, motorcycle jacket, and black jeans that hung slightly low, also on his feet were all black timberlands.

Chris put a gun in his waist band of his jeans behind his back. Robyn put her gun in her Louis Vuitton blue hobo bag. Putting on her shades and her cropped motorcycle jacket; after she was finished with her make up she came behind Chris wrapping her arms around his waist as she nuzzled his neck placing a small kiss on it before.

"You don't have to say it right now; but I know you love me; we're about to go through some dangerous shit but you know what? I'm ready for it because I'm in love and I know you will do your damnedest to protect me."

Hearing her words say she was in love with him made him turn around and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. "I will protect what's mine." He said seriously touching her neck. He placed another kiss on her forehead before they headed out of their motel to Chris' motorcycle; Chris got on first then Rih got behind him as they drove off. Soon enough they were at a high end bank; Chris' cousin Keeis wanted him to do this bank job telling him everything was set: No tapes in the security cameras, duffle bags, clothes, and a getaway car was in the parking lot of the bank.

They kissed one last time before putting on ski masks heading into the bank where the set off gun shots to get people's attention to which people screamed. "Get down on the ground and nobody will get hurt we just want the money aight!" Chris yelled.

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