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Rihanna's POV

All I wanted to do was have some fun my father just had to call the bodyguard; hell I'm grown I don't need a babysitter to take care of me. So what if I was drunk running around Venice beach naked with some friends. The photographers aka paparazzi were surrounding the area as my bodyguard rushed through the crowd of people with a blanket. He picked me and putting me up on his shoulder and carried me to the black Lamborghini. I pouted sitting in the passenger seat; he got in the car and drove us in the dark midnight streets.

"Stop acting like a baby and grown up." He angrily said to me not looking at me his eyes remained on the destination he was going. I looked at him his defined jawline was clenched.

"I am grown. I bet my father sent you here to collect me." I folded my arms over my chest.

"I'm not gonna dignify that first respond with a remark however, your father didn't send me your little so called friends spoiled your little celebration of independence by putting photos and videos up on Instagram and Twitter." He spoke more angry and intensely.

I gasped I couldn't believe them I thought they were my friends we hung out together over the past year and now they do this."I can't believe you.You can't even stay out of trouble for once without me saving your ass."

"Well isn't it your job to save my ass?" I questioned with a slight attitude I don't know what came over me I don't know if it was the alcohol that made me be this bold, but I quickly came to the realization that I pushed the wrong button. Chris finally looked my way with a glaring look on his face."Don't get smart with me alright. I'm here cause your father pays me to protect from harms way to keep you safe from danger; not to be your babysitter every time you go off and get in to some trouble you caused yourself." He sternly said while looking back at the road.

I stayed quiet cause I didn't wanna hear his mouth; I fixed the blanket around me I was cold and wet and really need some heat on my body. I wanted to tell Chris if he could turn the seat warmer on so I could warm up but by the way he was looking and acting I didn't dare ask.

Chris Brown is my bodyguard hired by my famous businessman father to protect me he's been my personal bodyguard for the past 5 years after working for my father as his security. My father saw how much I was getting in trouble and hanging around the wrong crowd he thought that the people who I was associating with would one day hurt me. So that's how Chris became my bodyguard.

He was very professional taking his job very seriously when it came to guarding me with his life; but I could tell over the years that Chris was fed up with my shit and that's why he was so angry at me. I look up at him he was focusing on the road. He didn't look at all like the person I came to know he always wore suits that were tailored. Tonight he was dressed in a button down shirt, jeans, and sneakers. His hair was cut low and lined perfectly. He looked great.

"You don't usually pick me up in one of your cars when your on the job what's the occasion?" I asked. Chris looked at me and stared at me for a min before answering."I had a date cause I thought it was my day off then someone by the name of Robyn skipped her happy drunk naked ass on Venice beach to give the paparazzi a show."

I huffed staring back at him."When are you gonna let it go? I'm sorry okay I'm so sorry I messed up your perfect date." I said raising my voice a little.

"Let it go? It just happened 35 mins ago; I'll let things like this go when you start acting like you got some damn sense in that thick skull of yours."

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