Chapter one

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       " So will you go?" Chloe asked. She had been nagging me for hours to go with her on some stupid double date. She told me it was important for young girls to get out and explore the world why they can still get away with making stupid decisions. Chloe was one of those friends where she was a nice girl, but you knew she was gonna end up pregnant by the age 19. Honestly I am not a big fan of dating for the heck of it, I thought that when you date someone it should be because you feel deeply and can trust them. But Chloe's view of dating was it should be cause their hot and would be fun to have a few too many beers with. But, Chloe's parents just split up and right now was not the right time to be putting her down. "Fine," I said, " but if you get smashed then I'm driving you home and I'm never going anywhere with you again." There was silence for a second and then a loud squeal that caused me to drop the phone onto the couch. " Oh my God, thank you Phonix, thank you, thank you." Before Chloe's parents split her mom made the rule that she was not allowed to go on any date with any boy unless she had a responsible friend tag along. By responsible she meant me, Chloe's mom has liked me since the day I met her, she is always trying to get me to rub off on Chloe. But now her mom is just as bad as Chloe's Dad, she's always drunk ,and brings home random guys.

Chloe said that she would come get me around nine. She told me that she already had my date picked out. She said he was tall, blond, and almost as good looking as her date. I hate when Chloe picks out guys for me. Usually they're guys who have no sense of respect and don't even kind of have good music taste, at all. But, it was too late to back down now. Chloe thanked me a million more times then she finally got off the phone. I picked out an outfit for tomorrow, because if I didn't dress the part Chloe would be upset that I didn't care. Then I laid down on my bed and put in by earbuds in and turned on Green Day.

I woke up to the sound of the guitar solo in Holiday By Green Day. It was 10:14. I had slept in more than I meant too, and I had four missed calls fro Chloe. I called her back, she picked up the phone but there was no sound. This had happened many times, I knew the drill. I stayed silent, waiting. Then I heard it the sound of Chloe's dad yelling for her to come out. Chloe spent weekends with her dad. But, her dad was a druggy. He liked to drink his life away a little at a time because he had nothing better to do. Unfortunately that meant that Chloe had to come up with places to hide until he passed out. Then her voice came through the phone.

"Hey, sorry." she said.

" It's fine is your dad out yet"

" What, oh no, that wasn't my dad. My dad's gone in California on vacation for a little while."

"Then who was that."

"I don't know my mom just cam home with him last night, when I woke up she was still asleep but he was banging on my door."

"Oh my God are you alright."

"Yeah I climbed out of the window and hid by my dad's old bike under the tarp."

I remained silent, mainly because I had a lump in my throat and was close to tears. It killed me how she talked so causally about the event like it was just your normal everyday walk in the park. The world was unfair, I had known that for a while but this was more than that. This was cruel.

"Hello? You there." she said

"Yeah sorry I'm here"

" So what's up"

"Not much I just woke up and saw that I had four missed calls all from you."

"Oh, yeah, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to do something today, before crazy man came banging down my door."

I really didn't want to go anywhere I wanted to lounge in my pajamas and watch Netflix while eating a overload bowl of Captain Crunch. But I had to get her out of that house.

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