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Chris was pissed looking at the screen on his laptop he blinked and stared at the same images and video for hours but some how they wouldn't change."She knows how I get and she wants to play this game." He said to no one in particular his nostrils flared like a bull ready to attack as he sat on a throne chair in his house drinking a beer which he didn't like but he didn't give a fuck right now he just wanted to wash the bitterness he was feeling away. "Fuck her." He slurred.

Rihanna was in her room when Mel burst through the door."Bitch did you see the rumors on the Internet today?" Rihanna looked confused as she saw her bestie come into the room like a wrecking ball. Robyn was relaxing this afternoon after a morning photoshoot she did for her Sock line Rihanna x Stance. She was in bed watching tv not caring about anything outside of her career right at that moment until Mel came to her about today's headlines about her.

"Mel you know I don't pay attention to what them journalists say about me." She waved her off. Mel walked quickly up to Robyn's bed sat down grabbing her MacBook off her lap."Who gives a  fuck about these fake journalists I want you to see these headlines." She said typing into google and clicked on Perez Hilton, TMZ, Bossip, Necole Bitchie, and The Shade Room; they were all in different windows."Look." Mel handed Robyn the laptop back she scanned all the headlines and she suddenly came to the realization of what was up.

Some of the Headlines:

Rihanna gets close with Travis Scott at his concert and goes more then once. New couple alert!?

Rapper Travis Scott says Rihanna let him touch it in new concert footage. Do you believe?

Rihanna collaborates with Travis Scott on Puma photoshoot and is spotted clubbing with the rapper. Potential Bae Watch?

Robyn click on the video of the concert footage her eyes widen and her mouth hung open."No, no, no we never had sex he's not even my type." She yelled,"I was only promoting him cause he's dope and he's cool to hang out with but that's it we didn't do shit!"

Mel sighed,"Robyn you should've learned from this with the Drake situation that nigga still writing songs about you. You are a good person who likes to help others but you should make sure that these guys are genuine and not looking for a come up by getting into your panties."

"Damn I don't know what to do now this situation is not what I want nor need." Robyn laid back on her pillows. Mel stood up."I know what you should do call him and explain."

Robyn's eyes lit up."You're absolutely right I should call Travis and straighten this whole mess out before it gets bigger."

Mel looked at Robyn like she was crazy."Who said I was talking about Travis? I think you have to handle another situation before you talk to Travis." She turned around leaving the room closing the door behind her to leave Robyn in her thoughts.

Rih was confused trying to figure out what Mel meant then she had a surprise look on her jumping out of bed to grab her iPhone from the night table."Shit!" She looked at the missed calls and all of them were from the one person she didn't want to confront right now she knew how he gets when he's jealous and didn't want to deal with him she needed to find the right words and the right moment to confront him. Robyn went to Chris' Instagram and Twitter seeing his posts/tweets of subliminal messages and knew he was pissed. This was gonna be harder then she expected.

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