Entry 17: April 22nd 1995 "A Very Long Phase"

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I had an... interesting... talk with Mom and Dad tonight. One you are never
going to need to have. I mean, you've known, right? I mean, I've known. I've known since, like, She-Rah. Mom and Dad didn't I guess... But, they saw the zine and the stuff on the locker and they were like, "Is there something we should know about you and Lonnie?" And so here's the thing... I was prepared for them to get mad, or be disappointed or start crying or something but, they were just in denial. "You're too young to know what you want. You and Lonnie are just good friends. You just haven't met the right... boy. It's a phase." That's what I didn't see coming... but, they wouldn't even respect me enough to believe me. Well, jokes on them. Because they are in for one very long phase.

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