(Exo) Kyungsoo / taste of his own medicine

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"Oppa~ please" you begged with pouty face. "I'm sorry but i can't" said Kyungsoo as he was reading a book in bed. You pouted and got off the bed to change into pjs.

"Fine, but let's sleep then" you reasoned and went to change. "Fine" he said and put his book on the night stand then got under the covers.

You got into your pjs, a black tang top and fuzzy sweat pants shorts that had donut patterns. (My mom brought donuts home okay)

Kyungsoo was already in bed, you turned off the lights and got in as well. When you were under the covers, Kyungsoo scooted closer to you and wrapped an arm around your body.

You smiled at the warmth, and put a hand on his. Kyungsoo then began to kiss the back of your shoulder,"______?" He asked between kisses,"yes?" You mumbled. "Can I eat you?"

Your eyes widened,"what do you mean?" You asked nervously,"I want to taste you. I want to love you. I want to eat you _____." Kyungsoo said and licked your shoulder.

"Tomorrow" you said,"what?! Why??" Whined Kyungsoo, causing him to sit up looking at you. "Because you didn't give me any attention earlier" you said.

Kyungsoo hated himself for rejecting your pout earlier. "Fine" he said and laid back down,"but that means I'm going hard" he said. You giggled and nodded as you both fell asleep.

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