Chapter 6

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"What can I get you tonight?" Jackson asked, "The usual please." I smiled as he shook his head. "One toasted 6 inch american cheese meatball marinara, with lettuce, tomato, pickles and cucumbers with some light mayonnaise coming up."

He laughed after he was done saying that in one breath. "That's a mouthful." He had told me, "I've said things, no correction rapped things faster than that." I replied. He just howls with laughter, "Oh Brie, you crack me up." He was almost done with my order. "So is that all?" He asked when he was wrapping it up. "Can I get a root beer and a white chocolate macadamia cookie?" "Yes ma'am." He got my order together and I payed it with help of a friendly discount.

I waved at him and walked out, when I got to the car again Drake was passed out, but woke up after I closed the car door. "Sorry it took so long, I know the guy that works here." "It's fine, you know what lets go to a hotel, I'm too tired to drive any longer plus you're underage, so I don't want-" I cut him off, "just because I'm underage doesn't mean I don't know how to drive." He smiled and got out while I did the same. We switched spots and buckled in, "How do you know to drive a car?" Drake asks me curiously, I looked at him after starting the car and smirked.

"Years of riding in the passenger seat, and you think I don't know anything? I used to sneak out of the orphanage with Bec and Sister Maria, and go on a drive to which took us days. She taught us how to drive, and since then Bec and I have been trying to get our permits from 13 years old to now. Since I have it now I can keep driving." I looked behind us and backed up. "Man I haven't driven a car in a while, after the accident I got into with Bec in the car, I was scared to drive." I sighed and continued my small task.

In a few minutes we were checked into a hotel room, it was Hotel 6 room. So far it sucked, the food was bad, the room smelled like old rotten cheese, and the beds have bed bugs. "If you want to sleep you can, I can stay up longer besides I don't really trust this room." I told him and he nodded. I was going to be up for a long time, I spent the whole night cleaning the room.

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