The Feeling...

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Feeling... Like you have a shot;

Feeling... Like your worth something;

Having to tell people that what you feel on the inside is nothing;

But it's not just nothing;

These feelings are too strong;

And sometimes I think it's wrong;

To believe that my dreams could come true;

Because that might even be to soon;

You never know if that one person cares;

From the looks to the stares;

They will be intriguing, trust me from experience;

The worst feeling in the world is to think that they think that your hideous;

Not just in looks or in the clothes you wear;

But who you are beyond compare;

So, this is to the one that makes you feel special;

And it could have been accidental;

Even if you talk to them everyday;

Or admire from far away;

Just remember, it's never to late to jump into this adventure!

Ps. I don't know who you are;

 or where you will be;

 but trust me;

 that I will wait, trust, appreciate, forgive, believe, hope for the best for you and love you endlessly...

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