When I woke up the next morning, I knew exactly what was happening. I don't want to leave. I braced myself and got out of bed. I got dressed into my rags of clothes that Jennifer cleaned for me and went to the kitchen. Jennifer and Boston were both sitting at the table, eating. There was a plate of pancakes waiting for me. I walked over and sat down. I tried to take in as many things as possible, I might not get this memory back. "How'd you sleep?" Boston asked. "Of course after the nightmare." He added. "Pretty good." My voice sounded shaky. I tried not to cry. I swallowed my tears back. "Um, I just wanted to thank you guys for everything." I said. "Oh, it's no problem at all. You can come back anytime you want to." Jennifer said. If only. "Okay, Alice it's about 8:45. After you eat, we gotta go." I winced as he said the words. Reality really comes back and slaps you in the face sometimes. I wish I could just stay with them. But then think of what Uncle Will would do to me then. I couldn't. I'd just keep my mouth shut. I nodded and finished my food. I put my plate in the sink and went to get my clothes. I let one tear slip out but that was it. I met Boston in the living room. "Ready?" He asked. No. "Yeah, let's go." I said. Jennifer came to the living room. "Its been great having you here." She said and hugged me. "Its been great being here." I said. "Take care of yourself." She called out as we shut the door. We took the car this time. It was a quiet ride. I couldn't say anything without crying my eyes out. We pulled up to the ugly house and got out. Boston knocked on the door. Uncle Will opened the door. "What the hell, you're not pizza." He said. "No, I'm Boston, I brought back Alice." "Right, right. Well was she good?" He asked. Boston nodded. "Alright, well get your ass in here, we ain't just gonna stand around all day!" He yelled at me. I grabbed my bag and ran to my room. I locked the door and climbed on the bed. No where to go now. I sighed. Home sweet home.
I heard something on the window. I looked out. Nothing. Then I heard a tap again. Nothing. I opened the window, nothing. I ignored it and got out my books, I've read the same ones over and over, all Sarah Dessen books. She was my favorite. I started to read. A rock flew through my window. I sat up and looked out the window. "Very funny!" I yelled. Jack jumped out from behind a tree, "I thought it was!" He yelled back. "What are you doing here?!" I asked him. He came up to the window. "I had to see you again, is that so bad?" He asked. I smiled and blushed. I heard a crash come from inside the house. I looked at Jack. "You need to hide, now!" I told him. "Where?" He asked. I pointed behind the tree. "I'll talk to you in a minute." I said and shut the window just as I heard my doorknob jiggle. "Alice, open the damn door!" He yelled. I jumped up and unlocked it. He flung it open. "Breakfast!" He yelled and threw the box of pizza on my bed. I smiled at him, he never gives me breakfast. "What're'ya smiling for? Smiling is for hookers." He said. My face instantly dropped and he left and closed the door. I locked it. I opened the window and whispered, "Jack!" He popped up from behind the tree. "Ooh, it's that pizza?" He asked. I opened the box. There was one half eaten slice left. I shook my head. He nodded. "So are you gonna come out here or am I gonna go in there?" He asked. I laughed. "Neither." I said. "Oh, come on. What'll it hurt?" He asked. My face probably. He started to climb into the window. He stood up. "This is your room?" He asked. I nodded. "Shh.. keep your voice down, these walls are as thin as paper." I said. He nodded and whispered. "So, what do you do?" He asked. I sat on my bed and held up my book. "For real, all day?" He asked. I nodded. He came and sat on my bed. I just kept looking into his eyes. "You okay?" He asked. I nodded. He laid down. "Do you believe everyone has a soul mate?" He asked. "I don't know." I said. "Well Claire thinks I'm hers." He said. I giggled. "What if I were to fall asleep right here?" He asked. "I'd have to throw you out the window." I told him. He laughed but it was probably true. If Uncle Will caught him in here, he'd be ass good as dead. "Well, then I won't." He said and sat up. "Do you get a lot of glances?" I asked him. "What do you mean?" He asked. "Do people just look at you a lot?" I said. He shrugged. "Kinda but I'm not into it. There's only one girl I've ever liked really." He said. I held my breath. "Who's that?" I asked. I heard another crash. My face dropped. "You have to get out." I said. "Is everything okay, what was that?" He asked. "I'm sorry but please go. I'll talk to you later okay?" I said. He nodded and climbed out the window. He ran behind the tree. I didn't know if he went home or stayed. "Alice!" Uncle Will called. "I decided I want that last slice, give it to me." He said. He stunk of alcohol bad. He was really drunk and it wasn't even lunchtime. He was having a hard time standing. "Why the hell is the window open?! Are you escapin again?!" He yelled. I backed up. He started fumbling towards me. I didn't know what to do. To jump out the window or to take the hit. But what if I jumped out and he caught up, what he'd do to me then. I thought fast. I hoped Jack had gone home. I didn't want him to see this. I braced myself.

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