Carter and Cats

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Hello beautifuls! Due to the support the epilogue (that is the previous chapter) has gained, I have been motivated to write more of Quinn and 'a certain green-eyed devil'. N.B. THIS IS NOT A PART OF THE COMPETITION, but something I wrote for enjoyment (and hope you will enjoy reading), because this head-canon bothered me for days and days, begging to be written.

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God really liked to prove her wrong, Quinn thought, or maybe she had been some psychotic mass murderer in a past life.

Her wretched phone had went out of charge this morning, meaning her alarm didn't go off, which caused her to forego her morning coffee and be half an hour late for her English Lit. class, which had resulted in a ten minute scolding from the lecturer who despite being wider than he was tall, had managed to give a new meaning to the word 'intimidating'.

An idiot who Quinn had the downright misfortune to call her classmate had spilt a whole beaker of litmus solution onto her notebook, meaning Quinn would either have to transfer all of her notes onto a new book or deal with a wrinkly, purple one for the rest of the year.

The little grocer on campus had run out of Ben and Jerry's, leaving Quinn to sulk over a bottle of lukewarm water instead.

When Quinn decided to surprise Zac in his dormitory in search for a ranting-ear and some consolation, she'd found him entangled with another girl. She'd broken the heel of her limited edition Louboutins when the shoe that was supposed to fork out his eye hit the wall instead. Worst of all, she was left angry at herself more than Zac, because she had started liking the boy she apparently 'had never been exclusive' with.

And now, just after she'd made the lifetime decision of cats over men, and fallen in love with (and was prepared to take home) the mewling, tiger-eyed, orange kitten inside the glass pen, this...arrogant, pigheaded, ever-smirking, so-gorgeous-I-want-to-stab-myself-in-the-eye prick was in her way.

Because her day just couldn't get any worse.

Quinn attempted to fill her lungs to their maximum capacity. Calm down. Don't let his words get to you.

"Cat got your tongue, Serena?" That stupid smile widened, mirth swimming in those dark-green eyes. "That's what? Reason number 27 on why you shouldn't purchase a cat? Wouldn't want no noise to ever come out of those pretty lips would we?"

Quinn felt her nostrils flare at that stupid nickname. For the sake of God, Virgin Mary and Jesus, if this jerk called her a Gossip Girl character one more time...

"Hello? Serena? Van der Woodston?"

Quinn's lips curled into a vicious snarl. "A. My name is Quinn. Quinn Barton. Call me Serena one more time and I'll chop your balls off and gag you with them. Understood? B. Aren't misogynistic dickheads not supposed to admit to watching shows like Gossip Girl? And C. Don't you work here," Quinn's eyes flickered to his name tag "Carter? Last time I checked, salespersons are supposed to promote a product, not dissuade potential customers from buying one."

Carter's smirk, if anything, only grew with Quinn's rant. "Well, firstly, it must be a good thing I'm not a misogynistic dickhead, otherwise I wouldn't be able to confess my deepest, darkest secret of watching a-gasp!- TV show. And secondly, it is part of my job description to ensure that animals from this pet shop land into safe hands. That's why I'm trying to convince you not to purchase this cat. Or any cat for that matter. Or any animal in this shop. You reek of desperation and spur-of-the-moment decisions. I won't let you have a cat just so that you can cast it aside eventually and have it end up on the streets."

Quinn sputtered indignantly, wanting to yell at this boy who was annoyingly perceptive and...right.

Quinn thinks that maybe that's why she feels like smoke is about to come out of her ears. Because somehow this stranger barely older than herself was able to see straight through her to the parts of her she didn't even see herself.

With no cohesive argument or reason, Quinn could only crook one manicured finger at Carter. "One day," she warned "one day you'll regret being a self-righteous asshole to me. You'll regret this moment, everything you've just said, very, very much." Shooting him a look filled with every single fibre of loathing in her body, Quinn stormed out of the pet shop.

If she'd looked back, she would've seen the brief flash of hurt on Carter's face.


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