Chapter 3

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It was after school already.
"One more week!" A voice behind me yelled. I turned around and it was Bea.
"Oh, hey Bea." Bea caught up to me.
"I heard about the surprise party!" Bea wore red rimmed glasses and wore her hair in a ponytail. It was her usual style of hair due to wear.

"Well, geez. How many people found out about this surprise party!?" I asked.

"Just Pete and I. But don't worry. Nancy hasn't found out about the surprise!!"
Bea yelled. Bea was very energetic at times.

"Hush! You don't want anyone to find out and tell Nancy about this." Bea covered her mouth.

"Oops. Sorry" she whispered. I could hardly hear her because of the wind.

"Its beginning to be very windy now. Don't you think?" I asked turning to see Bea. When I turned around she wasn't there anymore. She was gone.
That's weird. I thought as I got into my car and drove to my house.

I got home and opened the refrigerator to see what I could make with the food inside.

"Maybe a sandwich..?" I said out loud to myself as I brought the lettuce out. Bailey started to bark at me through the glass door that led to my backyard. I walked over to it and slid it open.

"Aw. Were you cold baby?" I asked petting her head. Bailey jolted into the house and hopped on the couch.
I closed the door and washed my hands to make myself a sandwich.

Oscar. I thought while looking at the house phone. I should tell someone that he's In my History class..
I picked the phone with my hand and dialed a number. It started ringing.

"Hi" said Kate on the other end.

"Hey Kate..." I answered. "So y'know that Oscar guy? Well he's in my History class and well. He's my partner in this project thingy!"

"No way!!" Exclaimed Kate on the other end. She sounded excited about it. "Do you know what that means!? He'll have to go to your house to do the project! How exciting!" Yelled Kate.

"Yeah..." I said sounding unexcited. I must be twice as awkward when we're alone in my house than at school. We talked about other small things, less important that Oscar.

"Anyways I have to go now. I need to babysit my little brother. Such a drag. Well... Bye Madison." Kate hung up. I was still holding the phone up to my ear.
Oscar... I thought again. What a handsome guy.
Someone knocked on the door.

"Maybe it's mom!" I told Bailey. I stood up off my bed and ran downstairs to open the door. They rang the doorbell.

"I'm coming!!!" I yelled. I got to the door and opened it. It wasn't my mom. It was Oscar. "Oh!" I said clenching my hand on the door knob nervously.

"So this is your house huh?" He said coming inside with out asking.

"Uh... Um how did you know?" I said closing the door and leaning on it.

"I saw you drive here. So I figured it was your house."

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